Musical Partners (IND)

Raise your hand if you have ever played musical chairs. If your hand is not in the air, I feel sorry about your childhood. For those who have, substitute the noun chair for the noun partner. Add partner exercises such as hoistees, chest bump burpees, low five pushups, and partner sit-ups with an odd number of tribe members and you have: Musical Partners. Tribe members paired up, the remaining tribe member was deemed “the runner” by default and ran the South Stairs while the tribe did said partner exercises for the duration. “Switch!” was yelled when “the runner” returned and tribe members found a new partner, again the remaining tribe member was deemed the next runner. This cycle repeated with time on the clock. Don’t ask me how much time. I forgot to hit start on my watch. Firedrills ([fahyu r dril] noun. 1.) the practice of sprinting South Stairs while making loud noises) were sprinkled in…perhaps purposefully following hositees, #sorrynotsorry #devilhorns #dosquadstho for good measure.

#RaceDay was dominated by Amanda, with her negative split of 5 whole minutes. Dammmnn. Congrats on your victory and enjoy the Winner’s Cape!

Next week is: #NP_Homecoming!! Wear your best workout enabled Homecoming attire. Bring a date. Best dressed male and female will be crowned NP Homecoming King and Queen. Couples may be same-sex or gender neutral.  All are welcome.  It’s time to dethrone reigning KGergs and Stew. Danger will be wearing a #GrassrootsGear dress. What are you wearing?

See you next week! Indiana War Memorial. North Stairs. 5:28am and/or 6:15am.  #JustShowUp.

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