PR-ing It & A Birthday – PHL

Today was PR day! After a one-mile jog to warm up, we RACED, and the tribe put up some serious times in our NP_PHL mile sprint (which is now officially a full solid mile — no more, no less). It was snowing … yet again, because weather conditions apparently are our fuel here in Philadelphia. Everyone crossed the finish line upright, which always makes for a satisfactory morning. But we didn’t stop there …

After recording our times, each tribesperson was handed a yellow Solo cup and gathered on the steps where Kurt passed the Hard-Hat to Jessica Albers. There simply are not enough positive adjectives in the English language to explain how exceptional this gal is. Jess greets us every Wednesday with enormous bear hugs, a huge smile and charisma that can carry you from one Wednesday to the next! Her “puppies,” Chumlee and OP, are always by her side, and yes indeed, they race and record their own PRs, too! Congratulations, Jess! We’re sure your adventures will be nothing short of epic this week, and we look forward to you sharing photos of you rocking the Hard-Hat.

Today is our Co-Leader Suzanne’s birthday, and thus she’s going to stop writing in the third person now …

Rising with the tribe was surely the greatest start to my born on day that I could have wished for. The aforementioned Solo cups were handed out to share a toast with all of my NP family, and I am pleased that you all were totally on board with raising a “glass” of Prosecco with me at 7am — I knew you were my kind of people. I have grown in immeasurable ways since starting NP here in Philadelphia, and I look forward to sharing many more celebrations with each and every one of you! Thank you for the cupcakes, the song and for letting me toast all of you for your commitment and your complete badassery! Salute!

Next week we’ll be kicking off March with a fun surprise, so keep your eyes on our FB page and Twitter, too! Stay warm. Stay Fast. Stay loopy! See y’all next Wednesday!

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