Darwin’s Denver finches (DEN)

There comes a day in a tribes-leaders life when they must deeply examine the line between weatherproof and safety (aka: stupid). For anyone who showed up this morning, you know that things did not go as expected per the typical PR Wednesday. The tribe has proved week in and week out that they can handle the multitude of random weather conditions that Denver throws at them. They are no pansies. But today’s unequivocal glare ice spread throughout our miniature stadium this morning was no joke. I’m talking hip breaking, skull splitting ice. And since your faces are all too good looking to risk permanently deforming and due to the absence of our lawyer, the decision had to be made to postpone PRs for another time and ship it elsewhere to get our sweat on. As such, we traded in our beloved (or not) PR clovers for some heart rate raising partner plyos topped off by lamppost suicide races only to finish all wrapped up in a cinnamon roll group hug x10 extraordinaire. All I can say about that is that you do not want to miss out on that one in the future. Thanks for that Johnny.

In closing, to the tribe, I want to say thank you for bearing with me today and making an entirely made up on the spot workout successful. To the icy death trap we walked into this morning, we say: natural selection has nothing on us. The tribe is adaptable. The tribe is winning at evolution.


In actual closing, I’d  like to extend my congratulations to the overdue winner of the positivity award, Aaron Epps. This dude showed up in a cut off furry seal shirt today just to make his hugs a little warmer and snuggly on this cold morning because he looks out for his tribesfamily. Oh, and he’s fast. Wisconsin fast. Whatever that means.


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