It’s Good To Be Back (BOS)

Oh the stairs of Harvard stadium how we missed thee. It’s been way too long since the last time we took on the foot and half tall concrete monster blocks. That fluffy white substance that we seem to get every winter here in New England is not the best surface to run on even if the ground underneath is flat. Add a steep slope and some sharp corners and the degree of the difficulty to maintain one’s footing is significantly increased. So to preserve the safety of our members, last few weeks we had to move our Wednesday workout over to the track. As awesome as the track work was/is we all secretly missed the stairs. Well even thought the white substance is still not completely melted, we were able to find 12-13 sections that are about 2/3 snow-free and put in the long awaited bootie-blasting, lung-burning, leg-shaking workout. It’s good to be back!

On Friday we are in the hills of Brookline where we will practice our inner #SafetyNinjas. Remember, it doesn’t matter how many times we shovel sidewalks and driveways, the Summit ave residents and the Brookline PD wont be happy if we’re clogging up the roads. The snow and ice should be melted, sidewalks should be usable, so park your cars away from the Summit ave and let’s be ready to run some hills.

Our 5:30am squad from this morning is stronger than ever!


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