Spring Tease

Our spring tease abruptly ended this week and artic temps returned to strengthen our resolve and #weatherproof-ness.  Thus we embraced our frozen tundra once again. At least our stairs were properly thawed!  Our head photographer was out of commission today, so you’re left with my sorry paparazzo attempt—go easy on me please. We tagged some #grassrootsgear and rocked our Race Day workout.


Warm up—Speedjack high 5s, hoisties, bojans and leg throw downs.

Circuit—Bearcrawl up the steps, wall sits, tricep dips and elevated push-ups, repeat again and again and yes, again.

Race—Stair sprint race off (multiple heats for good measure)

Winner: Michelle won our Race Day Award!


See you next week. Wednesday.  6:25AM.  Butler Bell Tower.

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