Harvard Square Takeover

Note to ourselves: when approximately 200 people show up to the workout, running sprints in four lines is not enough to keep the flow going without too many people standing around. Lesson learned. But to get those 200 folks “moving” we put together a nice little circuit of 3 static (isometric) strength exercises that we held for 60 seconds while using 30 second rest to change the stations. After four rounds of wall sits, buddy-planks and V-holds, we ran home to our respective showers ready to kick off the week.

On Wednesday, we’re back at the stadium. If the weather doesn’t change much in the next 48 hours, chances of us running stairs are pretty strong! How strong? Gorilla strong! By the way, did you know that gorilla can move 10 times of its body weight? For an adult silverback male that about 1.5 tons of weight!


But even with those amazing stats, gorilla is not the strongest land creature when considering power-to-weight ratio – it’s oribatid mite. These little fuckers can resist the pull of 1,180 times its own weight. If that was a human, we would be talking about casually moving approximately hundred tons of shit! Speaking of hundred tons, this is what happens when you detonate hundred tons of explosive.

Today you learned something. You’re welcome!

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