PR Does Not Stand for Puerto Rico (NYC)

Today, The Tribe went Hard! It was PR day! We all went after it and brought it! We went out and grabbed those PR’s. 5:28 a.m. and 6:28 a.m. groups were in full effect. In epic Braveheart-fashion, we lead off with roaring charges of fury.  Dreary days sometimes get people to roll over and hit that snooze button.  “Not today, its raining outside.”  Well today, 100 people slapped that alarm clock off, rolled out of bed, and raced their asses off.  Today was perfect conditions for racers everywhere to tackle that PR.  After doing 5 mansions, people were grabbing shorts, hands on knees-bent over- in the all familiar potion of “I just gave that shit my all!”  For the rest, we will let the times below do the talking.

#PositivityAward went to Daniel S. for be hardcore and also getting married. Staci was unable to join us in bed sick (don’t worry, she didn’t give her verbal before the workout).  We are sending positive vibes through the handle to you to get better so you can tackle that PR as a married woman!



Friday: #RocktheRock– We will be meeting between E.49th and E.50th St on 5th Avenue. Try NOT to bring bags–this will be a stealth operation and we will need to travel very light.  Although we will be stealth, we also want a#GrassrootsGear to be on FULL DISPLAY it. That’s our NP version of stealth.

Times from this week:

Name Time
Coach John 13:18* New Course Record
Mya 16:13
Chris Mosier 14:25
David 15:34
Juan 17:04
OG Pete 17:20
Brunia 17:20
Tyler 19:00
Sarah 19:26
Tracy 19:44
Dana 20:19
Beth 20:20
Bryan 20:19
Jackie 20:48
John Massey 23:16 Full Course- First Time
Meg 26:10
Alison 26:10
Pete k 13:27
Rob 13:51
Brian O’Connell 15:13
Ali Tereck 14:48
Shane 15:22
Russ 16:39
Daniel Schiemel 16:10
XXX 17:19
Jessica S-R 16:57
Naomi Wagner 16:29
Laura Crawford 18:08
Jenny 20:09
Francie 18:19
Leanne 20:01
Ethan M 19:15
Melissa Nathansan 18:28
Bette 17:42
Emily P 18:33
Raleigh 17:01
Shelli G 17:42
Nina M 19:10
Sabrina 20:34
Joe Quinn 20:15
Meanie Quinn 21:00
Crystal Boccio 20:15
Emma Raviv 20:34
Avi 21:38
Danell 17:15
Tara H 20:21
Sara M 18:37
Chris H 17:38
Catherine L 22:03
Steph N 18:18
Hayley D 20:02
Sarah D 22:08
Kathy G 22:29
Jeff M 16:44
Sarah Evans 16:48
Steve Mura 17:55
Sarah G 17:22
Samantha 18:42
Bridget 19:14
Erica 18:59
Meredith G 19:13
Caitlin G 19:15
Alex B 19:30
Terri K 20:32
Cassie P 17:44
Lainey P 17:44
Rebecca B 19:44
Jamie 19:20
Jessica B 19:40
Erica P 20:23
Kathryn F 23:25
Kshea 23:25
Chloe 19:02
Natasha 21:15
Peter F 16:52
Emily P 24:00
Kristen NO TIME
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