#ECSCA is coming. And you won’t want to miss it.


By now you all know November Project is real. We have all formed a community unlike any other, and it’s because of you ridiculously positive #freefitness junkies. The love continues to spread and #NPSUMMIT was a stunning showing of everything NP.

If you missed it: we’re sorry. It was fucking awesome. Watch it here if you don’t believe us.


But don’t fret! Your opportunity for redemption, your chance to rid the FOMO from you life is coming here to California!

NP has been mobbing and crushing every North Face Endurance Challenge across North America. Flooding courses with #grassrootsgear, spreading positivity, and sweeping some (ok, all) podiums.

That’s exactly what we plan to do in San Francisco in December.

Mark your calendars, book your tickets, and ready your carpools. Write out your training schedules and gather your team. This shit is going to get wild. Get ready for more energy, more hugs, high-fives, good vibes, and good old fashioned “fuck yeahs” than you can imagine. And if you CAN imagine it, make it happen. It’s going to be too good to miss.


We brought 100 marathon relay teams to Madison, can we break that in San Francisco??

#worldtakeover #novemberproject #3014 #ECSCA

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