On top of the WORLD…takeover (SD)

Something occurred to me at some point between 6:27 and 7:28 AM today. On any given Wednesday, at 6:30AM, 99.9% of my favorite people in the entire world are in the same place in their respective cities, hugging, high fiving, ass kicking.
That other 0.1%? Fuck ’em. (Just kidding Mom and Dad! I love you. But when NPPDX starts I expect you guys to be there.)
88 smiling faces showed up today. One Brogan. One Goldie. And all 16 of Brogan’s abs.
We went around the world, felt on top of the world, and planned world takeover.
#3014 is coming and it’s because of you all. Our tribe is full of amazing people (from our positivity award winner Spartan Race World Champion Marc to our two NP couples with back to back weddings). We know more amazing people exist in San Diego. Find them. Bring them. Most importantly, hug them with your head to the right.
Be happy, be strong, be bright SD!

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