Friends, Firedrills and Running Royalty (PHL)

Sorry but I’m going to make this quick.  This morning was fun for many reasons — for starters we had over 220 people in motion at the Art Museum.  Another reason is because running legend Bart Yasso and some of his crew from Runner’s World showed up.  The team made the trek from Bethlehem, PA (roughly an hour) this morning to workout with us.  (Side Note: If your friends have excuses, this should serve as another example of why those excuses probably aren’t good).  Lastly, I’m not one for birthday celebrations but the Tribe is funny, creative, thoughtful (and creepy), and surprised me with laminated cutouts of my Yearbook Photo (~80) which I’m pretty sure are now floating around your nearest SEPTA station. Thank you, thank you…so much.

After some bouncing, hugging and good mornings, the Tribe took to the Art Museum steps.  When the cowbell sounded the Tribe dropped and did 8 pushups and when the megaphone sounded, dropped and did 8 situps.  Otherwise, non-stop, leg burning, stair churning.  The workout was quick but effective.  In fact, word has it, there is a picture floating around on the interwebs of the sweaty steps to prove it.  Thank you again to Bart and crew for showing up!  Thank you to everyone who came out this morning…have a wonderful day!

Friday we are at Franklin Field 6:25 AM, Fox Fitness entrance.

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