I Found Your Heart. (LAX)

Dear LA,

I love you. It’s been often told that your city is filled with people from all over the world, moving here with the hopes of becoming the next big thing. With that comes an attitude. People think we’re all pretty faces. I’d know. My mom tells me that every night. But what I’ve discovered is more than that.

I’ve been watching you. I’ve been exploring you. What I’ve come to discover about you oh City of Angels is that you have more than a soft curvy body like the hills that roll through the Griffith Park. You give more than the gentle caress of a BabeRuth wrapper that flounders in the Santa Monica waves. You have a heart, and a strong one at that, and it beats at the Hollywood Bowl. I feel you pulsating and alive every morning. Ready to send your red blood cells out to your body. I am yours. You are mine and we are one.

So thank you LA for showing me who you really are and letting me discover you. I finally know what it means to be a real boy and what it is that keeps this city ALIVE.

Yours truly,

Oracle Waffer

P.S. I know you love it when I crush “the bitch”.



  • Homework: Recruit! Bring at least one friend to next Wednesdays workout!
  • Fridays!– Our first Friday…EVER! It’s going to be like the dawn of man. Be a the Santa Monica Pier by 6:15am. We will be in Santa Monica for the Month of October.
  • RunFest– October 19th. Sign up for the retroRun or 10K with the Promo code: NPROJECT to receive 20% off. You will suffer from a serious case of FOMO if you miss out on this.
  • #3014– Todays number was smack in the middles. 75/150. We’re half way there. Show us what you got LA.


Hope you like the bushes.


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