PR Day. No Frou Frou. (DCA)

Whoa, whoa. Sometimes at the end of PR day we do things like announce…

 …who ran SEVENTEEN LOGS with the least amount of seconds…


…the male and female that ran SEVENTEEN LOGS faster than anyone else ran SEVENTEEN LOGS…


… GIVE these deserving humans a tall HAT that Lincoln himself would be proud to wear…


Somedays we forget. And the peanut gallery doesn’t chime in. Probably busy winding their make believe cameras and taking pictures of the sunrise.


This morning while 300 or so humans ran SEVENTEEN LOGS straight up, all out, fast as fuck, two of those humans ran it straightest up, allest out and fasest as fuck and they were these beautiful humans. Meet Morgan and Mel. CELEBRATE.

_DSC0086  _DSC0136  DCIM100GOPROGOPR0794.

IN OTHER NEWS, If there were a tracker for who cheered the most, tribe to tribe, DC can be pretty confident that DC rules, sets records and breaks records in cheering. To cheer for someone else when you’re working as hard as you do on PR day is big. To SWIM through the humidity and open your mouth risking drowning in just the moisture in the air is really big. To not be able to run, but to show up, injury deck and cheer on the runners is really, really big. But alas, no cheer tracker. Record your times HERE. It’s a way for you to keep track of how much faster you’re getting each month. Because you are getting faster. Stronger. Better. (- Kanye & SC)

Didn’t cheer enough today? Forgot your partner’s name? Lost your voice? Overslept? THERE WILL BE MORE CHANCES TO WORK OUT. You missed today, but there’s always FRIDAY: HERE. (editor’s note: pls don’t wait in the middle of the intersection where this google professional has dropped the pin, tks.) #earnyourweekend


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