Riverside Moonshine

Before you read about the goofy but brutal workout that went down this morning, please read about why tribe member Melissa Somers comes to NP. Melissa is a strong individual with a huge heart. She’s fierce, she’s fun, and she has come so far in the time that we’ve known her. Enjoy!

A little over a year ago my friend Colleen Supple, also known as McSupple, kept telling me I needed to come to this Wednesday morning workout called November Project.  I was a little apprehensive for several reasons. It started at 6:27 am.  I get nervous and shy around big groups of people I don’t know. I am a slow runner.  Very slow.

I didn’t always want to be the last one but Colleen kept on insisting that it didn’t matter if I was slow and that we weren’t running miles upon miles and that the workout was more hills and other drills than it was just straight up running.

So one day in early July I decided to give it a shot.  My first NP workout was the mile.  Race a mile as fast as you can.  I was not happy about this but I gave it my all.  I was last of course, however, during the last quarter mile or so several members of the tribe who had already finished came back and ran with me.  I realized then that this was the type of group I wanted to meet at 6:27 am to get sweaty and give out hugs.  I have tried running groups in the past and yes, most people are welcoming but there have always been the few people who have made negative or rude comments about my pace.

NP has changed me this past year not only fitness wise but with my attitude as well.  Because of NP I gained the confidence to run my first half-marathon and now I am looking forward to my second one in September.  I am cranking out personal records almost every time I run a race.  NP has made me want to push myself not only on Wednesdays and Fridays but all days of the week.  It has carried over into my daily life.  I’m slowly getting faster but that isn’t the point anymore.  The point is to work hard and still have FUN.  I haven’t had this much fun being active since I was a kid!

NP is accepting and welcoming of all paces.  This is why I get up early on Wednesday mornings.  I can just show up, give it all I got, and feel great about the rest of my day all while being in the company of such motivating and inspiring people.

– Mel

Workout Blog:

The morning started like this:


All of us as inch worms, making our way to the middle of the circle.

The workout looked a little something like this:

IMG_1314 IMG_1340 IMG_1342Each member had a cup and that they ran with all the way from the top of the Hennepin Bridge down to the Federal Reserve Plaza to the river to scoop up a cup of “moonshine” only to put it down, do a set of push ups and box jumps, and then CAREFULLY but QUICKLY carry the “moonshine” back to the bucket at the top of the bridge. This was done for 30 minutes. The tribe filled two buckets full. F*ck yeah, way to go tribe. Tagging and a group photo capped off the morning.


Fridays, UMN boathouse. 6:27am. The workouts are HARD. Be there!

SUMMIT is coming up faster than ever, sign up!


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