PR Shoe Day (BAL)

I promise I’m not just a figment of your imagination. I’m not BingBong as much as I would lovee to be (Too soon? Really, GO see Inside Out. Seriously.) So coming back home to the tribe makes the reunion and this day THAT much sweeter.  Your dad, Pat, will be back this weekend and the 3-some that is so feared and loved will be back with vengeance next week! Okay, just loved.

But to this morning — there are no words. Thank you to everyone that brought shoes to support an organization we know and love here in Baltimore: Back on My Feet. With Shoebox Recycling we filled boxes and bags of your well-loved shoes and those pairs will go to individuals that will love them just as much as you did, maybe even more! So from the bottom of our hearts, we say all the thanks to you.

There were a few epic things that happened today as well:

  1. PRs were made. LOTS of them. I mean lots. Shaving 50 seconds off a PR. WHAT?! Oh and Sally. Yeah, it happened.
  2. Newbies showed up. LOTS of them. I mean lots. Asking and verballing for next workout after PR day? Yeah, it happened.
  3. *Our youngest newbie ever showed up. ONE of them. I mean one. His name is Roland and he already has #grassrootsgear. He had it before he was even born. Becca is a great mom and a wonderful tribemember. Start ’em early. Yeah, it happened.
  4. A #traverbaler but Bmore soul at heart (yeah NOLA, we are taking him) – Ryan C won the positivity award this week. He knows more about Baltimore than we do (kinda), but we love him like our own adopted son! Congrats!

And more than all of that, thank you for supporting this city and each other. You show up at one another’s art shows, plan surprise parties, donate money, share the shirt off your back, celebrate our loved Light Street Cafe, help each other move (because we all REALLY love moving), and everything in-between. You are the definition of the light we want to shine here in our city. Keep doing what you are doing – really and truly.


  • Back on My Feet’s Sneaks Come Out At Night 15K / 3x5K is this Friday evening. If you are racing, race hard. If you are cheering, we will announce a cheering section soon.
  • Workout. Hills. Friday. Same place. Same time. Same sweat.

Thanks for being the people we love most and the ones we look forward to come home to. It’s pretty awesome.

All the love,

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  1. Fun meeting Baltimore November Project. Love what yall do, “Hon”. May see you Friday as well.

    If yall are ever in the SE or even in DC, checkout or 

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