PR Day in the neighborhood (ORL)

It was a beautiful PR day in the neighborhood. I was missing my fearless co-leader, #Angelface-as he had headed out west in hopes of running some trails, but warmly welcomed back some old faces that hadn’t been seen in a while, including one all the way from Germany! We also had a couple of traverballers-John brought his fast feet from NP Philly and Brian set a strong PR in Orlando, the first tribe he has visited outside of NP Baltimore! We started with some partner stretching, and then the timer was set. It was 36 minutes of burpees and running as we pushed hard to set a new, or break an old, PR. And, those who were injured or not feeling up to par, still managed to #crushit by committing to #justshowup and get in their ABvember work. The plentiful high fives, and inescapable smiles along the lakeside route were highlighted by a beautiful sunrise. What a way to start a Wednesday! A fun little finisher of jogging in place, planking, and jumping jacks-all with our eyes closed, gave us a new perspective on time. A fresh perspective is something we can apply to so many aspects in our lives. It’s easy to get stuck with tunnel vision, which can prevent us from seeing how we can move ahead or make a change in a particular situation. I encourage you all to expand the way you look at things, and to seek opportunities to build on the positive aspects in your life. We all can all make positive choices that help to enrich our lives, and those around us.

Peace, love and happiness,



The North Face has made the difficult decision to cancel the ECSCA races in California due to the wildfires. A HUGE kudos to them for making the right choice involving everyone’s safety-and for donating the entire $30,000 prize purse, as well as over $12,000 in apparel, tents, and sleeping bags to the fire relief organizations.

Also, the food, snacks and drinks are being donated to the Sierra Nevada brewing company who is providing meals to first responders and wildfire victims.

We are so proud to be partnered with such an amazing company. You can find out more info on their relief efforts, and ways to donate here .

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