Magic Happen Outside Your Comfort Zone: #Celebrity Shot guest blog by Bosco & Danielle (Boston 11.16.18)

When Boston’s co-leaders go out of town all on the same day, we need members of the tribe who are willing and able to step up and help make sure we always always show up–with a fun, fierce, awesome workout–no matter what.  It was an opportunity for our two Celebrity Shot co-leaders to show just how weatherproof they are, and just how much they care about this tribe–both making big decisions to really step up, step outside their comfort zone, and make some magic for the tribe.  Bosco and Danielle, we’re really glad you’re both here.  Thanks for an amazing Friday!

BOSCO:  I was at work the other day, just drawing tattoo designs and minding my own business when I got the notification on my phone from Em Sauce.

“BOSCO!!! How do you feel about NP Fridays?”

I immediately knew what she was going to ask but I continued the way Will Ferrell from Elf continues to turn that little handle of the musical box knowing that a crazy clown is going to jump out and scare him.

“I feel pretty good about them, “I said.  She then proceeds to ask if I could show up on a particular Friday.  I KNEW IT.  She’s gonna say it.  She’s gonna say it!  I told her I was intrigued and asked what was up.

Then BAM!  She drops the bomb and says she and Capoze are going to be out of town and were thinking about giving me the keys to the car for the day.


That’s what went through my head.  I froze with my phone in my hand, staring at the screen and reading the words over to make sure I didn’t imagine them.  A mixture of excitement and fear rushed through me.  The first few thoughts that went through my mind were about what excuses I could make up to get out of this.  In high school, I was a nervous wreck in front of big crowds.  I hated doing presentations and I was so damn awkward…

…but then I realized something.  Everyone at November Project is a little awkward… or a lot.  No one is trying to be the cool kid, because we’re all fucking cool!  It was finally time, after all these years, to break out of my awkward shell and conquer this dang ole thang!  So, I accepted and was left with the tasks of finding a co-leader, coming up with a bounce and workout, taking pics, and writing a blog.  I was going to break out of my shell and with the help of my co-leader, I figured that would be a great theme for the workout.  Breaking out of our human shells!

Speaking of co-leaders, I’d like to hand the computer box over to the extremely talented and equally awkward Danielle Pastuszak!

DANIELLE: I was at work one day, just finishing up some documentation and waiting for my next patient when I got the notification on my phone from Bosco. 

“I have a top-secret mission I need to ask you about. Have you ever guest co-led NP?”

Holy mother of pearl. Full stop. Heart racing, palms sweaty; sympathetic nervous system in overdrive. My initial adrenaline-fueled reaction of Yes, no question, sign me up!! was quickly followed by something resembling the “Run Away!” scene in Monty Python. I’ve got to do this.

Okay, I’m committed. I still don’t have a clue who this Bosco character is; we only just met briefly the month before. A friendly introduction, not much more. Does he realize I don’t do this whole public speaking thing? Turn it into a challenge: a few weeks to put together a top-notch Friday workout that will inspire a tribe’s worth of smiles. No pressure.

Bosco and I planned to meet for breakfast after a Monday workout to 1) get to know each other and 2) start brainstorming. We begin our conversation as two awkward people might, with something we have in common: our mutual fight or flight response to the invitation to co-lead and the nervous excitement of taking on a new challenge. Pretty soon, the magic starts. Ideas unravel, creativity sparks, and we’ve got our theme. 

DANIELLE & BOSCO: The night before, we decide it would be fitting to meet at the infamous Pour House to drown our nerves and smooth out the last-minute details of the workout. Pumping each other up with comments like you’ve got this, we’ve got each other’s back, and we can do this, we slowly start to believe it. With newfound confidence, we exit the Pour House laughing at the weather Mother Nature has gifted us and prepare for a sleepless night akin to Christmas Eve.

The day is here. It’s happening. There’s snow. There’s rain. The wind is howling outside. We’re all smiles. 

Fast forward to post-bounce feels: the tribe has departed for their first lap down the front hill and the two of us are left standing at the top wondering what just happened??!!?? It takes a long time to run the front hill. It takes even longer when you’re not running it. But the nerves slipped away as the tribe returned, laughing their way through a Friday Snowfari. Using a familiar deck as the ‘entrance fee’, the tribe visited inchworm, crab, frog, and starfish exhibits with front and back hill runs being determined by a friendly game of knee-taps. After the snow turned to slush and fingers and toes were frozen, we called on our inner child as we made snowmen out of four somewhat willing tributes.

It was everything a snowy/rainy Friday morning should be. As someone so aptly described at breakfast: NP workouts are that last game of tag before dinner. November Project squeezes everything out of life and then some.

As we think back on how this morning’s participants proved what it means to be #weatherproof in Boston, we realize how unstoppable this tribe is. And how unstoppable it’s made us feel. This is what November Project does. It pushes you. It gets you out of your comfort zone and into a place where growth happens. It’s thrilling, terrifying, addicting. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.


Bosco & Dani


Will be on the Tufts Univ. Library Roof.  (Tisch Library, to be exact).  MAP is here.  6:30am.  Make sure you show up and bring all your friends.  This is the best view of Boston as the sun is rising. 

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