#justshowup* (YEG)

Let me start with this, I loved being back this morning – snow, ice, and all things winter! The energy, positivity, and joy that our community gives each morning is the main reason I get myself out of bed, layered up, and to the hill. That being said, this morning, I probably should have stayed in bed.

You see, I have been pretty worn out and have been fighting some pesky bug. I spent one of my days in Victoria laid out on the couch after a good workout and run. That forced rest was good for me, although it also provided a false sense of recovery because my stubborn self was not going to leave the island without running my favourite 10k loop. That beautiful, soul-refreshing run, along with a late flight kept me in bed yesterday morning, missing my strength class. Again, another forced rest, which when I woke up, gave me a renewed sense of energy to hit the gym. Guess what, no surprise, that landed me in bed yesterday afternoon.

And that brings us to this morning. When I’m on holidays, unless I’m out of town, I’m at NP. Summer break, Christmas Break, holiday Mondays, school-closure days – if I’m around I’m going to #justshowup. It’s where I want to be and I’ve made a commitment. That being said, just as I remind others to take a break and listen to their bodies, I too need to remember to heed that same advice. Today, I should have extended my break and stayed in bed. I should have listened to my body that has been showing me in many ways that it needs rest. It is just so hard, the pull to be amongst everyone this morning was strong!! (added to that I had already verballed) 😉 

I don’t share this story for any sympathy what so ever, I am in total control of all of these choices. I share this story because I think there are many of you who might be able to relate. 

What do we mean when we say #justshowup? We mean that being a part of November Project is really as simple as just showing up. There’s no fitness level requirement, age restriction, or registration fee…all you need to do is #justshowup. What it doesn’t mean is that you #justshowup at all costs. We understand that some days you need to take a break. That sleep and rest are more important than running hills. That icy roads mean staying home is the safer choice. That injuries and illness require time off. That a break allows you to come back refreshed, healthy, and strong. It’s ok to take that break. Know that we miss you when you’re gone. If we get to see you outside of NP we’ll likely ask how you are and tell you that we miss you. It’s for no other reason than to let you know that you are valued and your absence is noticed. What we hope is when you’re ready to come back you know that a return is welcomed whether it’s been a day, a week, a month or a year, all you need to do is #justshowup.

#justshowup 6AM

Monday – East end of The Promenade (100 Ave & 116 Street) for a Ninja-shhhhhhhhhh 🤫 Workout

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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