PR Bots. (LAX)

Well, it seems that you guys don’t like robots all that much. We thought you’d take it and run with it when we gave you the option to wear metallic and shiny shit for a costume contest workout but apparently some of y’all are too cool for school. Maybe it’s the fact that you guy’s take your workout so seriously and you were putting #raceeverything to the test! Maybe we chose a shit costume idea! Who fucking knows?!

IMG_7299 IMG_7305

We love every single one of you robot or not. You still gave it your all this morning and that’s what matters. You are all a group of individuals who each brings something special, something to share with one another. Wether it be your exuberant personality, your charming smile, your gentle meaningful hugs or the fact that you truly listen it all makes a difference to someone’s day. I mention, in the form of yelling, that you decided to wake up today. You could have made the choice to sleep in. Yet you decided to commit. Commit to your health, to meeting new people, to putting yourself out of your comfort zone, to climb every stair twice! If you commit with that one action of waking up, then why not follow through and commit for the rest of the day with the beautiful things that are presented in your life. Committing fully to the workout, to your family, to your friends, to your job. Taking ownership of your life and truly being present. Give it a whirl. It’s not easy.  Keep being you, beep boppy or not and tackle your Wednesday head on!



BETTER THAN BEDTIME-  SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8th at SUNSET. The annual NP CELEBRATION. We meet at a location, run to another secret location…in costume. The theme, BLACK AND WHITE- #PRINTMEDIALIVES

PR RESULTS-  Blast your times on the tracker

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