Frozen Breath (DEN)

You guys! You guys! It’s finally happening! Did you see it today? Did you even notice? Or were you too distracted by racing your faces off to give the Sarge more burpees to do on Friday? Well.. for those of you that didn’t see… Everyone’s breath! Yea! You could see it today! It was all freezing right past the exit of your mouth and nose holes! Those crystallized water and mucus droplets are a sign of the excitement to come! Yes yes! It’s finally getting cold! Like freezing cold! WOOT WOOT PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW! … those were my finger guns being shot in the air…

Ya know, a normal person might be saying, “But Sarge, that sounds like the worst! The cold sucks, and I just wanna cuddle up at home and Netflix and chill. Plus, why am I calling you Sarge? Who are you? Stop eating my breakfast!” It’s a good thing you aren’t normal! That’s why I like you… That and you don’t get angry when I take a bite of your pancakes. No. None of us are that normal. That’s why I’m looking forward to the winter. To the cold. To the snow. To the dark. You see, that’s the time when we really get to test what we are made of. That’s when we get to distinguish how much more badass we are than those that sleep in. That’s when we get to experience things that nobody else wants to. Not because it sucks, but because they don’t know how awesome it is! Sledding and hill repeats in freezing temperatures before the sun comes up with all of my best friends? Fuck yea! Accomplishing more before work than most people do all day? Fuck yea! Making myself more resilient by getting out of the climate controlled gerbil ball that so many people live in? Fuck yea! Setting myself up to be in the best mood and change how I see the world? Fuck yea!

Summer is easy. But winter… winter is fun. That’s where the real achievements happen. That’s where we get stronger mentally. That’s where we form tight bonds with the people that are abnormal enough to want to be out there with  us. Winter is what this whole movement is about! #Weatherproof isn’t just about physically going out in tough conditions. It’s about mentally going out in tough conditions. Can you go out into a blizzard at 6:15am, work your ass off, and still smile and hug it out at the end? I think you can. I KNOW you can! Show your self that you can. Take the coming months head on. Tell them that you’re not going anywhere! THEN EAT THEIR PANCAKES AND YELL, “YOU REMEMBER ME FOREVER!”

I might have gotten a little worked up there! Moving on! Great work on the clovers today! I was so excited to see so many new faces, and so many faces laser focused on getting that new PR! Congratulations to everyone that did! As I mentioned, track your results @ Unfortunately, I found out that the tracker won’t show me everyone that did PR. Don’t worry! I’m still doing burpees! Here is how it’ll work: Everyone has until tomorrow at noon to log their results. I’ll add up the cumulative number of laps and divide that by 4. Then if you did PR, come up to me while I’m burpee-ing, and give me an extra special “PR High-5” to earn 1 more burpee… That’s how many burpees I’m doing. So if everyone together got 600 clover laps… well then I’m doing 150 burpees! SO MAKE SURE EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHERS LOGS THEIR LAPS!

That’s all. That’s the thing. Have an awesome day, and leave someone better than you found them.


FRI: 5:30/6:15A Little Man Hill repeats (3000 Tejon st.)
SUN NOV 8th: Better Than Bedtime. Stay tuned for details

5:30 Clover Patch
5:30 Clover Patch
After giving it out so many times, Turbo gets to hang out with Tivy!
After giving it out so many times, Turbo gets to hang out with Tivy!
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