#Trick-or-Treat in MSP

Halloween came a few days early in Minneapolis this year..along with the rain..and talk of snow? That’s okay, here in MSP we are #weatherproof. Rain, snow, freezing cold temps, they don’t scare us away.  Despite the the Rain and wind, it actually wasn’t bad out. Everyone still broke a sweat while bounding/sprinting/panting up and down hills.

To start the morning off right, we Ben led us in a goofy warm-up with a series of big and little bounces, turning around bounces, and a big “GOOD MORNING! Ya’ll feell good?!” After replying “F*CK YEAH!” We were off on a warm up lap around Gold Metal Park and to the bottom of our original hill (bottom of the 35W bridge memorial hill).


Everyone gathered close as Holly explained the workout. There were two Halloween-esque drawstring bags and 4 bags of candy. The workout consisted of transporting different types of candy from the bottom of the hill from the Frankenstein Bag up to the top of the hill by the bridge memorial into the jack-o-lantern bag.


There were 3 types of candy: KitKats, rolos, and jolly ranchers. Each type of candy corresponded to a different workout to be done at the top of the hill. Rolos = “yoga” which at #NP_MSP is a type of plank that involves bringing knees to elbows. KitKats = increasing push-ups (2, 4, 6, etc…). Jolly ranchers (my fav) = a continuation of hill climbing..after reaching the top of the original hill, we continued to climb to the top of Gold Metal hill and back down before depositing the jolly ranchers into the jack-o-lantern bag. This went on for 30ish minutes..30ish minutes of hard hill work..in costumes..I forgot to mention that. Some tribe members were in costume running these hills. The theme: the harder it is for you to run in, the funnier it will  be..and it was!

After time was called, we celebrated tribe member Heidi Ylvisaker’s birthday by making her go up the hill and blow out the spooky candles lining the side of the hill. While she did this, the tribe did partner wall sits and planked.


Upon her return sweaty hugs were given and the tribe trekked back up to the morning meeting spot for a few announcements and a family photo.

The positivity award was received by tribe member Niko who is new but awesomely fast. Way to go Niko!


This Friday: Halloween workout 2.0 (there will be more candy!). UMN boathouse, 6:27am

Better than Bedtime Event: November 8th, 2015. Look for a post on route and meeting time. We will meet at the Wednesday location (Mill City Museum).


That’s all folks!

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