This week, we have seen cases throughout the November Project world, the #Iron26, of some egregious instances of pumpkin cruelty. While pictures and videos show some excessive force that has been directed at pumpkins, we do not know the entire story at this point. Further, we do not believe in starting a witch hunt of those involved in this. They say the alleged are innocent until proven guilty, and we will let our legal system take over here. Until then please continue be respectful towards all parties involved. We also couldn’t get enough rubber wrist bands made before Friday to support our cause. Instead, we will show our support using the #PumpkinStrong. For every tweet, retweet or favourite, we will donate one lifetime membership to November Project to a pumpkin or pumpkin owner.

PSA: It’s getting cold, and unless you’re Jen2, you will need more than shorts and a hat throughout the winter. Here’s some advice on what you can wear as it gets even colder. Feel free to come ask us questions at any of the workouts.


Friday – Wear a costume or not, it is up to you. (Note: Best Jen impersonator will get my undying love and admiration.) Also, don’t bring a pumpkin (#pumpkinstrong). This is the final tagging day until spring. Bring a single item of clothing to get tagged. The spray paint is black, so if you bring something black, we won’t tag it.

November 8th, 2pmBetter Than Bedtime. The theme is Black and White. Do whatever you want with that. Next Wednesday, we will post the location where we will meet. From there, we will do a casual run as a strong tribe to a secret location where you will be able to grab some food and quench your thirst.

Every Wednesday – Shoutout to MEC helping us keep the lights on at the stairs.


Find the Good,

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