Pots and Pans

Were you tired of hearing the music fade and the sweet sound and a metal spoon hitting a pot this morning? Was there enough time in between each fire drill to make you forget that we were running a fire drill this morning? Well if the answer to those questions is yes or no we are still overjoyed with excitement you showed up this morning to run some stairs in this humid, hot climate and get some fresh, new #grassrootsgear.

I remember someone once telling me that every day in August was like a dreaded Sunday but for a month straight. It’s probably the worst comparison I’ve heard.  Except, when people compare cats and dogs. I mean I can understand it, July is over and we are now approaching the last month before things kick back into gear.  By gear, I mean the time in which kids return to school, summer contracts end and the days are slowly getting shorter and shorter. Those that you ride the bus with or take your lunch walk with might start talking about snow flying soon.  Well we live in Ottawa so snow is going to fly, that’s reality. The days are getting shorter and pretty much everywhere in Canada and across the world students, teachers, parents and adults are heading back into some style of a daily routine that does not consist of camp, eating popsicles and long coffee talks in plus 27 degree weather. Really though, there remains another 31 days before that sets all in.  And when it does it’s not this dramatic event that occurs. People move on from summer into a new routine that involves layering more gear and being prepared for shorter days. Life does not become this obsolete darkness that people find themselves hermitting into or that we hear so often of.

I believe November Project is truly something that helps avoids this notion of hermitting and those slightly, negatively toned comparisons.  Today is August 1st and in 4 months from now it will be December 5th. There will most likely be snow on the ground and people complaining about how awful their commute, routine or everyday activities have become. 

November Project is like hitting that refresh button. It gives you the time of day to be outside in utter darkness while not being alone. To greet people in the morning before the city is awake and to begin your day by moving, connecting and laughing.  What more could you ask more on December 5th? 


So say to goodbye to sweet, sweet July and hello to August. Allowing for new PR’s, new recruits, fresh tags and some stunning photo ops.  Get ready cause this shit is lit and it aint going anywhere. And to that person who told me everyday in August feels like a Sunday I challenge you and anyone out there to hit up November Project in Ottawa or the closest city to you and see how it changes your day, your mood, your vibe.  

We must not forget to THANK and SEND some LOVE to our taggers of the day. Our #grassrootsgear wouldn’t be looking that fresh without the help of Kaitlin and Lauren.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. We are TD Place next week 6:29am
  2. The drone is flying on August 29th tell your friends and their friends and their friends.
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