Triple S & Monkey Butt (YEG)

I love finding Monday locations that offer up so many sweat options. This morning’s workout at Louise Mckinney Park gave us just that! A perfect spot for the “NP Triple S” workout (full disclosure, I gave it the name after I’d described it to everyone but seems fitting). You got a little of everything this morning with the strength station, switchback sprint, and stairs – all with some high 5’s, forgotten tag-offs, six-year-old flybys, and a glorious river backdrop.

What you might also have left with this morning was a sit up raspberry. If you were on the strength station with me about 10 minutes into our workout you may have heard me providing alternatives to the 20 situps (leg lowers, bicycle crunches, etc) to save yourself from a sit up raspberry. As I was sharing my “wisdom” I had the feeling that I was alone in this unfortunate byproduct of sweaty concrete situps as no one seemed to know what I was referring to. Luckily, or unluckily I guess, I am the only one who gets into the shower some post-NP Mondays and realizes that the morning’s situps left their mark! Thanks to a tribe member this morning for sharing this article with me. I can completely relate to it – with the exception that I am not a cross-fitter of course. You see, she related to my described misfortune this morning, not for her but her husband. The best part of the whole story, other than I no longer feel alone in this affliction, is that she researched the situp raspberry simply because she figured her husband was just doing his sit-ups wrong! Well, he has been vindicated because Monkey Butt (aka sit-up raspberry) is a real thing! It is much funnier to say monkey butt than sit-up raspberry, right?

Thanks for showing up this morning and crushing the Triple S workout, hope you left without monkey butt!

#justshowup 6AM

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stairs, Gate 2

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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