Happy Birthday, Harry Potter.

Good Morning, Brooklyn.

(Cue the Harry Potter Intro Music)

Here with a quick recap from today here in Ft. Greene Park:

Monument Stations – Harry Potter Edition. We’ll own it, todays moves and times (THREE MINUTES? MINUTE AND A HALF? NO, THREE MINUTES!) weren’t the best. Next time will be better – and most likely, on the grass.

Rain was here. Rain was gone. Rain is rain.


  • The sorting hat assigned everyone to their respective “house” – Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Muggle (yup), and Gryfindor.
  • 5 Stations x 2 rounds – for 3 minutes each.
  • Burnout: a couple rounds of Sharks & Minnows disguised as Quidditch practice

A series of unfortunate events…


  • Harry Potter. Oh, and Jesse (#traverbal / West Coast transfer from November Project San Diego)


  • Captain Erica and New York Road Runners: a blog post to come AND all the details on how to sign-up have been shared in our Facebook Social Page, #NP_BK Lounge
  • SKATE DATE: This Saturday (8/4), starting at 1 PM in Prospect Park, all the details are in this hyperlinked WORD.
  • Global Climbing Day at The Cliffs in LIC: the event page is HERE with details to come AS SOON AS WE HAVE THEM.


Hermoine, Harry, and Ron signing off.



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