Phriday Phun – (PHL)

Hills Hills Hills

On Friday we run hills. Today we added in Bear Crawls and lunges (which were also up and down hills). It was an excellent workout.

About 2/3rds of the way through our workout however, one of our own lost his ring. Caleb was at his very first November Project workout, most of us barely knew the dude. It was beautiful to see so many of you stop what you were doing and help. The tribe was crawling around in the grass to help our new friend find that which he had lost, a ring given to him by his woman with a special inscription on it. We learned a little about Caleb as we all searched, and he learned a bit about us… the tribe sticks together!

We did not recover the ring, but the shortage of support and those who offered to return to help more (and with metal detectors) was not lost on anyone who joined us this morning. Thank you all for being so wonderful and caring and kind. Thank you Caleb for joining us, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of you!

Over the course of the last week we accidentally skipped a few bdays – today we crowd surfed those missed, and one up coming bday! – Thanks for joining us, and celebrating (when we were ready to actually celebrate) – just making those special days last a little longer!!

Deets are as follows:
Where – Varga Bar 941 Spruce Street
When – arrive at 3 p.m. Friday (tomorrow) for fun, a brew and all the MC Hammer music you can handle.
Where to: The German Society 611 Spring Garden
Distance: approx 1.5 miles

* The HOG arrives at Varga at 3:28 and must leave by 3:40

** MC Hammer music will be playing at the bar – If you would like to come dressed in any MC Hammer fashion – think Hammer pants – there will obviously be dancing before we run, and free brews for those in said attire – if your Hammer pants are at the cleaners, don’t sweat it! Come as you are! Grassroots gear is strongly encouraged.

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