PHL: No Excuses

Okay, I’ll be honest… This blog had a different title about 20 minutes ago. But Be Well Philly just nailed it so hard with this motivational post – that I couldn’t resist borrowing it.

This morning we had a huge crew at The Steps. We ran the upper loop around the fountain (which was slow to start this morning, but kicked in for the last 15 mins of our sweaty workout). When the cowbell rang the tribe stopped in their tracks – on the left or the right of the loop – 5 burpees – front or back side – 10 arm dips while your dippees held a back to back squat with another – let’s call this a four person squat/arm dip FPSAD for short (that acronym might not catch on). We rocked a massive plank off right before the group pict!

As you can see we had a mom and a baby captured doing squats and shared via our friends at Philly Mag! Michelle and Victoria weren’t the only Mom/baby duo this morning though – Shannon and Rocco were there, as always, crushing it too. So whatever you think your excuse may be not not get out of bed, to not show up, to not workout – throw those out the window folks, these badass Mamas know no excuse!

IMG_4317 11391284_10205062759382799_4674347434325890372_n

John passed the Hard Hat along to Adam today. Adam always brings the funk, literally, he wears a small boom box on his back and has a playlist that keeps those who run close motivated with tunes that make you want to move!
We know you will have some serious adventures this week Adam. Enjoy the hat!

You all are rad. I mean that from a really good place. The days are getting warmer, the workouts bigger and to me they seem to be going by way too fast!! Keep spreading the good word. Keep being good to each other. Keep coming back.


#sunrise6k summer edition coming your way Friday June 19th – meet at Lloyd Hall, wear your fast shoes.

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