Sally is a B*tch, but we love her anyway (SD)

There’s nothing that can be thrown at NPSD that we can’t handle. Sprinkles from the sky? Bring it. Awkward 30 second eye contact holds? No big deal. The jungle being closed for repairs? Psssssh. The rose garden also being closed for repairs? Ok, seriously?

So we went back to the Butterfly Garden and got down with 15 minutes of hill repeats and 15 minutes of bridge/cactus garden runs, with a smattering of push-ups and sit-ups. And just when you thought the fun was over, we were just getting started.

Sally. Sally is a friend of ours, introduced to us by NP Baltimore. Or at least we thought she was a friend. Turns out she’s actually kind of a b*tch.

The main lesson learned today: if you dance when you bring Sally down, the squats still feel just as hard.

Good luck getting off the toilet today. We love you guys.

Be happy, be strong, be bright SD!


– #sunrise6k is going down next Monday! Meet just south of Crystal Pier on the sand in PB, 6:28AM, don’t be late, don’t bring anything you don’t need to run with you, wear pink/orange/yellow. Get. Ready. To. Race. 

– Meeting point on Wednesday is always the same fountain by the Natural History Museum. For some reason FB maps likes to screw it up. So always tell people we meet at the museum!

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