PHL: Friday Highs

Man this time of year in the city of brotherly love is magical. The sun shines on our faces, a cool breeze blows through the air and more humans show up to our little movement each week. We grow, we build community, we hug and we encourage each other the whole workout through! You can feel the excitement and the love for the entire session (or episode, as I called it today – what??).

This morning, as we do on Fridays, and per this instructional video from Bojan in the homeland, we ran hills. We planked as we waited for a partner for push-ups at one end, and v-sat as we waiting for a leg throw partner at the other. No squats today, we gave our Wednesday legs a quick break this morning, but rest assured we’ll be working them hard again and again!

We whispered HBD to Merc, we gave the PA to Caroline, we raised our left legs in the air (like we just don’t care) for the group photo.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend! Be well to each other and to yourselves, you deserve it!


Wednesday June 3rd **teaser** It’s National Running Day & Philly Beer Week – grab a gently used pair of running shoes (or pretty much any shoe, or BOTH) and bring them with you to the work out. ShoeBox Recycling will tally the weight and donate $.50 per lb to Back On My Feet Philly & Students Run Philly Style. Shoes will also earn ya something special! Stay tuned for more deets.

Mayor’s Cup: We will be fielding a team for the first annual Mayor’s Cup event on August 8, 2015. Richie G. is spearheading the official NP team. Each person can sign up for one event so let’s coordinate via this google doc to nail down out this team will be assembled.


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