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We’re pretty freakin’ lucky here in the Mile High with our 300 days of sunshine… more than our brothers and sisters in California! Today was one of those glorious sunshiny days! A day where birds chirp, children play, all cats and dogs get along, and all the local breweries start giving out free pints JUST BECAUSE! Yes, this truly is a magical little town. That’s how I remember this morning… is that not what happened? No? Apparently not! From what I hear, the forecast calls for rain… indefinitely…

What he said

So I guess the only thing to do about it is stay inside and sulk as we stare out the window. (Can we all be staring out the same window? And can we have hot chocolate? That sounds nice… mmm) Right? WRONG! This is when it’s time to rise and shine. This is when it’s time to HTFU. (Look it up) This is when it’s time to scare those clouds away. And that is exactly what you all did. You ran that hill. You joked with friends. YOU LAUGHED IN THE FACE OF DANGER! And when the rain said, “Hey maybe you should stay in bed,” you exclaimed, “NOT TODAY!” Well, most of you except our dear friend Stedman Carmony who, post marriage BOOM on Wednesday, gave a half hearted verbal. More on that to come.

It’s like I’ve heard before… that one time I said it earlier today… a little rain rarely killed anyone. But don’t quote me on that. I haven’t seen the studies.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray.

Come fight off the rain real hard tonight!
Ratio Beerworks (29th and Larimer) at 6:30pm
Happy hour BOOM!

WED: Civic Center Amphitheater – 5:30am/6:15am – PR Clovers

Little Man Hill a la 5:30 group
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