Phoenix Arizona is Pledging, Popping Up, & Needs Your Recruiting Help

We are hosting a 6AM November Project Arizona Pop-Up Workout at Papago Park on Wednesday, May 27th. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But I live in ____ which is _______ (hundreds of) miles from there and for sure can’t make it.” Though that may be true, you can do one of two things to build this experience for those who WILL be there…

1. Buy a plane ticket and just show up. Best case. Also, with all the dough you’ve saved from your life of FREE fitness this may actually be possible for a few of you out there. Can I get a Kosta?


2. Hype this link to your friends, family, x-lovers, and random strangers who you KNOW are close enough to Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe


2B. Both options 1 and 2.


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3 Replies to “Phoenix Arizona is Pledging, Popping Up, & Needs Your Recruiting Help”

  1. I’ll be moving to Phoenix from DC in August, and I would absolutely love if a November Project started up there! 

  2. I heard great things about this from a friend of mine in Cali. I was hoping to see this happening in Phoenix, and luckily, the park is only 5min away from my home! Weekend would’ve been much better, but I’m definitely in! 

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