PHL: Fire Drills on The HOT Steps

Temperatures resembled that of an early morning NP_PHX workout over here on the east coast this week!  We were in for the heat and down with the sweaty bodies that were running a muck at our Steps!

We said hello to visitors, welcomed new friends and old alike! Thirty five mins on the clock post suicides on the steps and as the alarm sounded the tribe grabbed a card from one of the many landings we have and performed a workout in that number. Jokers which are always wild were armless hugs!  A hot day is a perfect day to get up close and neckky with 100 of your new friends!

Jamison passed the hard hat along to Alex with pleasure! Congrats to you dear!!

Mayors cup signup ends Saturday – get on that team NP_PHL


See you all Friday at Lemon Hill, same time, same game – way better story if you’re there!

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