Member Spotlight- The Pearsons

This week we have a special member spotlight.  To our knowledge, Erin and Erik Pearson are the first NPNO tribe member to get married.  Not only that, they invited the whole tribe on Eric’s bachelor party.  Lets just say it was different than any bachelor party I have ever been a part of. Sadly for NPNO and really the whole city of New Orleans, Erin and Erik have relocated to Reno.  We wish this all the best and hope that they come back and visit as often as possible.  So, for this months Member Spotlight it is bitter sweet that we give you Erin and Erik Pearson:

Bachelor Party


No one gets to stay in bed. That was the Wednesday morning rule in the Simmers-Pearson household. That rule was almost broken once, when the alarm went off and one of us said to the other “I am perfectly fine with staying home today”. It was Ash Wednesday, the morning after Mardi Gras, and Erik and I were feeling it. We hit snooze, we discussed. We hit snooze again, and discussed some more. Ultimately, we got out of bed and dragged ourselves to the Superdome.


We all pretty much felt like garbage. We bounced, we dropped an F-bomb, and begrudgingly headed for the stairs. Then, something unexpected happened. Each set of stairs felt easier than the last. I felt better. Everyone felt better. At the end of the workout there was so much more energy that we bounced again (higher),  and dropped another F-bomb (louder).  Together, we all walked away stronger. We proved that NPNO is not only #weatherproof, but #mardigrasproof, and that’s saying something.

This month, we moved to Reno. A quick search revealed that Nevada does not have a NP tribe. I may have teared up a little during our four day cross-country road trip when I walked into a gas station and came face to face with a display rack of #takis (for those that don’t know . I entertained the idea of drowning my sorrows in #hotcheetos and #takis, but quickly decided against that after tasting the #takis.  Instead, I started looking at available options to replace November Project. There were plenty of bootcamps, but my work schedule is varied and I wasn’t sure if I could attend enough sessions to justify the cost. I scrolled through photos of fitness centers and contacted sales reps asking about hours and facilities. Responses were typical:

 “Usually it’s easy to get a lane during non-peak hours”

“Some of our classes fill, so you should get here early to reserve your spot”

“We limit our users to 30 minutes on the machines if anyone is waiting”

Great! I thought. I should be able to get an enjoyable workout in as long as I’m not there with a lot of other people… Wait, what?

And that’s when I realized why November Project was so different.

Unlike the lap pool, the cardio room, or the free weights, November Project gets BETTER with each and every person who arrives. Without people, there’s only a vacant set of concrete stairs and a brick plaza.  Each person brings energy, energy is contagious, and it all builds as more and more people #justshowup. We bounce higher and swear louder. We wake up, move faster, and push ourselves harder. Then, just like Ash Wednesday, we walk away stronger. And that shit is good.

NP NOLA, we already miss you! Thank you for everything, especially for throwing “the best bachelor party I’ve ever been to that didn’t involve any alcohol whatsoever” (as stated by someone whose name escapes me right now).  We’ll definitely be back to visit. In the meantime, make some #sweatangels for us. If anyone in Reno is interested in #freefitness, be in touch!


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