Philly Tough & Boston Strong

Mom Nature clearly is acting a fool and taking it out on all of us – get it together woman! It was our first below freezing work out in a few weeks, yet the tribe showed up with a vengeance. A photographer from the Inquirer showed up too and got many a hug from the tribe (stay tuned for more on that) – Thanks Tom!

Quick announcements and well wishes to our two tribesladies who are running the Boston Marathon next week. Best to you both Heather & Sue, we are immensely proud of your dedication and we hope you have an amazing race on Monday!

As we were about to start our suicides on the steps, two super rad dudes from KIND Snacks ran over and asked if they could make a quick announcement, why not? They had a bag of snacks in tow for all of us and a $50 gift card from our amazing friends at Philadelphia Runner. What a welcomed surprise! Thanks to you all for coming, for hanging and for dropping a verbal to come back and workout with us next week.

The workout: suicides then a full line up at the base of the steps. Hugs and counting off by threes to form teams. It’s not a competition, but it is a competition so let’s get to flippin some cards for a deck workout… 180 sit ups, 180 push ups – Aces get you running the loop and my personal favorite jokers wild! Get weird, get those hips in… hug for a little bit longer once it starts to feel awkward and show another some appreciation.

Mid workout we all stopped in unison to cheer a large group of ARMY recruits who ran by and up the stairs holding their unit flags high! A picture perfect moment on a morning we all needed to remember, we are Free, we are Philly Tough, and we are Boston Strong.

The tribe was overflowing with incredibleness this morning. The hugs were all tight, they were long and you could feel the realness of the love that was flowing from person to person. This is what it is all about y’all. Thank you to the entire tribe from the bottom of my heart. You all took it one step further with individual group hugs as each deck finished and jumping in to finish another deck with the other two teams until we were one solid group ending our workout with one monster group hug!

Post workout we gathered on the steps and got our snacks. Amanda passed The Hard Hat to the gal who introduced her to November Project, Meghan Sarbanis. This chick is one total badass woman (who also happens to be a world class rower). She may not always on time (she has a snooze problem) but she always shows up – with a smile. We’ve never seen Meghan miss out on an opportunity to encourage another while absolutely bringing the funk!

 Today was weird, it was epic, most of all it was real. This community we are all building is amazing. May it carry each of you through your weeks and back to us next Wednesday. Best to all of the NP tribe members across this great continent that will be running/representing/volunteering at the Boston Marathon this Patriots day!



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