Persoonlijk Record Dag

Today was a very special day for the NP world. We added two more cities to the NP fam, London and Amsterdam!!! WELCOME !!!! This was a little extra special for Sam and I as Sam is obvy a Brit and I like to think myself as Dutch. Hup Hup Holland !!! It is pretty incredible to think that Wednesday morning when you are getting out of bed, are giving those sweaty hugs, sprinting up those stairs, burpeeing those burpees, there are two cities across the Atlantic doing the same thing, for the same reasons. Because where else on a weekday morning can you find yourself going out for your comfort zone (aka bouncing and screaming obstanities, hug complete strangers), meeting amazing encouraging people, while doing a burpee all by 7am?? Because this shit IS nice. Our little YYZ is a part of something much bigger which is pretty darn cool !!

As usual you guys absolutely rocked PR day. And it was filthy hot today. And you guys Spel tigd beautifully.

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  • Sam and I are both away next week, you have babysitters, so BEHAVE !!! Thank you Arden and Ben!!!
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  • You may have noticed, we have been receiving some uber nice messages from our tribe members in our sister city Milkwaukee, send them some YYZ love back! Instagram, facebook, twitter, dove.
  • Also tribe leaders/head sisters in Milkwaukee, DG and Roger, do a #milwakeupcall  every Wednesday morning. Every Wednesday morning. Watch it. Your wednesday morning will never be the same (Also found on their facebook).

Proost !!!! (The only Dutch I know)


Yesturday Jane so courageously spoke about a close family friend’s passing and the need for a suicide prevention strategy. Maya did some reaseach about it last night (Thank you!) and found out that September 10 is actually World Suicide Prevention Day. She couldn’t find a petition but as Jane mentioned lot of articles have been published about the need for more action. There is a national suicide info site, .I found another  website address World Suicide Prevention day – . Please take a look, post if you so feel, you never know who you may help !

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