A Worldwide Duel

I spent the night with the windows open, the unique scents of the desert washing over me as I slept. I awoke to a surprisingly warm, light rainfall. The clouds opened up on the way to the amphitheater, ratcheting the rain to “Oh god traffic is about to come to an abrupt halt” levels. I was excited: we haven’t been properly drenched at a workout, and Phoenix was looking like it was doing its best to chang that.

Wisconsin Notes

  • We got some wicked cool shots from the workout today. Too bad the vast majority were blurry. Which highlights a need of ours: if you have a high-quality camera that you would be willing to lend on Wednesdays, or you are a badass photographer, we need you!
  • Today November Project introduced two new cities to the Movement: London and Amsterdam. Find them on social media and welcome them to the family.
  • Christine somehow made it this morning, following a late-night birthday celebration. Both Jackie and I had money on a “We Missed You!” blog post.
  • Looking for something to do for the next few months? Check the Cactus Lounge for Ragnar Trail and The North Face ECS San Francisco (aka mini-Summit) for teams looking for a runner or two.
  • Have you signed up for the Craft Classic 5k/half marathon, on October 16? Use discount code NPPHX and find team NP_PHX. Get on it.

Sadly, the Great Flood didn’t happen, and we had to settle for the kamikaze of a few noble droplets. Despite that, we still managed to get muddy with our Duel in the Desert workout. What is the Duel in the Desert, you ask? The premise is simple:

  1. Find a partner
  2. Race up the stairs

We had the loser do 10 burpees. As you can imagine, one part dirt plus ten parts burpees, a dash of rain as a catalyst, equals a good time.

We have one more piece of #News: today we welcomed Amsterdam and London into the November Project family. Phoenix even did its best to provide the dour weather in solidarity for our new, ashen brethren. So get online, check them out on your favorite social media site, and maybe even give them a virtual high-five.

See you Monday.

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