November Project Amsterdam: Day 1

A little over two years ago, I just showed up on a Wednesday morning at the Lincoln Memorial. There was this buzz, this positive energy with a badass edge flowing through all these stranger-friends, even in the dark, even in the silent lulls and heavy breathing and unsure footsteps on the small marble stairs. I didn’t know what that feeling I felt that first morning was, but I knew it was good. This morning in Amsterdam, there was that buzz, that energy, that kick-ass feeling flowing through the tribe as we raced bridges and got down with some seriously spicy spice.

Some of you have been with us from day one, and some of you joined on as we picked up speed and started to form a small community, an always-penetrable, perpetually growing bubble of good humans living all kinds of lives, but coming together weekly to connect with one another, support each other, and run. Still more of you joined us for the first time today, as Amsterdam Fit Project took a long-awaited leap into the worldwide November Project family. This whole NP world and what it means may be unfamiliar to you; maybe our Wednesday morning workouts are simply that – a workout – and you are just here to get your sweat on, to get faster and stronger, and soak up the good vibes before heading to work. But NP AMS is a family, a community, a not-so-random group of likeminded individuals that will cheer you on, love you during your highest highs and during you lowest lows, push you past the limits you thought you had, and embrace you with open arms and uncomfortably sweaty hugs. This family may be weird and quirky, socially and culturally bizarre and sometimes hard to follow (like my writing) but we are a family, and yesterday our family grew 31 times the size. No matter why you choose to just show up, we are glad you’re here.

Six hours after our sweaty and smiling group of kind humans took our first group picture as November Project Amsterdam, six hours after we told you to have a great Wednesday, a similarly sweaty and smiling group of kind humans were throwing up their xxx and showing us love from across the pond at November Project DC, from the place where it all began on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Today, on #WorldtakeoverDay, in 31 different cities, and 6 different countries, co-leaders around the world were snapping a group photo and telling their tribe members to have a great Wednesday.

On Friday, September 9, we celebrate: Waterkant,  Marnixstraat 246, time TBD so follow the social. #justshowup

Just love.

* The Sunday Paper is my version of where it all began, written on my one year NP-versary with November Project DC.


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