People Still Lost in Woods After Chaos Lap


San Francisco has finally passed the 100 mark! It has been a long road, from the early days at Kezar Stadium, to the angry neighbors at…well…almost everywhere we go. But we have finally collected 100 twisted souls to meet us for a morning workout that will surely make you go home and question your own sanity.

This morning we initiated the Chaos Lap. The chaos lap is a term you should probably memorize, as it will be popping up frequently in future workouts. After dividing into teams of 4, CHAAAAAAOSSSS LAAAAAPPPPPP was so gracefully screamed and everyone exited the park in whichever direction they choose. After running a full lap around the perimeter of Alamo Square, high fiving every runner you pass, you re-enter the park in the same location that you left. Which left some people in the bushes. Other ran through dog shit. Most were just straight up lost.

90 minutes later, the groups converged for sets of sprints, HOISTIES (Madison, did I spell that right?), eye contact squats, and super mans with hand holding. We all left stronger, faster, and I hear some even left in a new relationship.

NEWBIES: We hope you feel welcome. We hope you come back. And we hope you make it out of the woods at some point this morning.

Friday hills are TBD because Clayton’s brain does not function at normal speed post holidays. He is not even sure he knows what city he is in. Stay tuned to facebook and twitter to get the location updates!!

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