Polar vortex, shmolar vortex.

It was great to be back at our civic center playground on this glorious Wednesday, and to be reunited with the tribe post holidays. New years resolutions? Make em or break em but either way do it with your friends at November Project North America and I guarantee your year will be that much better.

The Polar vortex had nothing on Denver today as we enjoyed only mid 20 degree F temps, while keeping our colder sister tribes in our prayers. We commend you for one-upping it with a giant Fuck Yea slap in the face and proving to the world once again that November project is, and always will be, #weatherproof. It might not be spring time yet but its never too late to start stocking up on flannel SHORTS. That’s right, Christine’s PSA today was that the Vermont flannel company makes these beauts (Flanniel, this message is mostly directed at you). Homework for the week: acquire more flannel. And you can bet your flannel bottom we’ll be tagging these. Move over Abercrombie. I have a feeling were gonna really freak some people out this year, and it’s going to be awesome.  And speaking of flannel, we’ll be introducing Flannel Friday this week! Last week’s beta test of hill and stair repeats at Governors Park was so kick ass that the requests for more workouts and more hills today were overwhelming. And for those skeptics still out there, guess what? More hills means better butts. That’s all you need to know. So we’ll see you Friday! More announcements and reminders to be made on our Facebook page.

New year, new tradition: the receiver of the positivity award one week is the giver of it the next. We’re hoping to get to know our tribe a little better this way. Get to know your people– this is your challenge. Katrina earned it today because she held down the fort and ran workouts over the holidays while the rest of the crew traveled, and always with a smile. But mostly because she’s always willing to cook for us.

If you’re wondering if we worked out today, we sure did. Proud to say that no one failed the “what did your partner do for new years test”. If you want the full recap, join in the fun next time. It’s 2014 people, spread the love.  Molly, out.

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