Cold? What Cold?

Ok, so I won’t complain about how we feel like we’re with our sister tribe in Edmonton or our water bottles are freezing while we work out.

But, I will talk about how badass our members are. Even in this frigid weather we continue to have newbies come out to build our community. These people aren’t bred for or used to this type of weather at all. We live in the Mid-Atlantic, not Canada! But don’t worry. We’re crazy, fun-loving, sunrise-loving, rise-and-shining, hugging, badass people and we want as many people to join us as possible. In fact, we love  it so much that we want to see you all Friday at this location. Columbus Circle outside Union Station, Friday, 6:30am.


If you live within 4 miles, run there. If not, get within 4 miles and then run. The goal is that 80% of the workout is your responsibility. We’ll do a quick circuit type workout and then send you on your way #EarnYourWeekend #CircleUp #RiseAndShine

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