Sloppy, Sloshy….Slopshy?

I don’t give a lot of props to Brogan Graham as his already large (size 7 3/4-8 fitted flat rim hat – depending on the hair cut) head doesn’t need to get any bigger from all the ego stroking he’s been enjoying lately. But every now and then I have to join the ego strokers and give him credit where the credit is due.

During overwhelming and to be completely honest, unexpected buzz (unexpected part was the degree of the coverage we received) that our Friday workout generated, BG wrote very prophetic line on our facebook page. He said:

Here is the deal (for those who missed out): The exact science of NP is this…. when you feel like its extra hard to get to NP, everyone else is feeling the same thing. Too dark, cold, wet, snowy, whatever. Just know, that those workouts ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS are the most fun. Ask anyone who was at the Hurricane Sandy Destination Deck, or the Monsoon at the Stadium fall of 2012, and they’ll tell you. The worse the weather, the better the memory, and the more elite the group. We’ll all stand around for tons of time after the July workouts and talk about this morning. Jump into the core of this group by only welcoming the odd conditions because you KNOW they’ll bring out the best in the group.

This morning was a perfect example of that. When we showed up to what appeared to be a snow covered field, which in actuality was just 2 inches of slushy water covered with a layer of untouched snow melting in unseasonable 50 degree conditions resulting in thick fog, the rain immediately start pouring all over our confused bodies that just 48 hours before were trying to stay warm in minus penguin conditions. To maintain the confusion we decided to wake up everyone living within 2 block radius from Clemente field by making very loud noises, runing multiple 60 yard dashes through the slosh that kept our bodies warm – our lungs burning – our hearts beating fast – and our feet numb from the freezing water. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s probably a good idea to invest in a merino wool socks for these types of conditions. To make things fun and interesting, we threw in few somersaults and parter sprints and went home still confused about what just happened. You can bet your sweet buns that this workout will be talked about in July.

On Wednesday we’re are back at the stadium. There will be a 5:30am and a 6:30am group. Happy Monday!

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