The Bridge is Shaking!?!?

We survived the first Monday workout of 2014. You also survived the first edition of Bridge Month! Seriously, did anyone else feel the bridge bouncing as we sprinted across it? I’m just glad we all got out alive. We thought about postponing bridge month, because if a bridge does collapse, we would fall onto ice, and that would hurt.  I’m just kidding, we didn’t really think about postponing it.

 It’s good to be back home with the tribe. San Diego has nice people, warm weather and a beautiful sunrise, but it just isn’t the same. There’s something about frosted eyelashes that brings us together. On my way back, I told Jen that I like enchiladas. I’m not sure if the connection was bad, or I picked up one of those American accents, but apparently she heard “Let’s do tabatas!” 

I left hungry… but in better shape than when I got there. Thanks Jen!

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One Reply to “The Bridge is Shaking!?!?”

  1. Hey from a Boston reader!

    My Dad’s an engineer that specializes in bridges.

    When I was a kid, I’d worry about feeling a bridge move. (Especially during a party on one bridge where people dancing were causing a shake.)

    My Dad told me that I “should actually worry if the bridge doesn’t move” because the movement is shock absorbing and the bridge doing it’s job to stay up.

    Hope your weather is better than the crazy cold in MA!

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