Peace out 2018. (Worcester)

Can you all even believe we are just 3 days away from 2019? Where has the time gone?

Below is a little recap of 2018 in the Woo. Thank you to each and every one of you for such a FUN year. Without all of you, we wouldn’t have this to look forward to each week.

Make your commitment NOW to #JustShowUp next year. Let’s make it the BEST ONE YET. Who is with us?

Flashback Friday to when dogs could be on the stairs.

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Alexis had a birthday, and to celebrate, we made a grey sweatpants dress code. We will be repeating this.

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We had a lot of wonderful PR days at Elm Park, but then we switched things up mid year, cause change is good. Yes?

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Remember that time we went sledding on sheet ice at Green Hill Park? Good news is , no one was injured badly enough to cross that idea off the list for this winter.

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Then, In April, Along came Peanut to join Sam and Ivan in leadership.

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Then, this one time, Ivan and Jim did a birthday dance while we all argued if we heard Laurel Or Yanny, Ahhh the great debate of 2018. (#TeamYanny)

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In June, The Bounce Master Ivan silenced Wachusett Mountain with his skills. We all raced our faces off, and all the fun was had.

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Yearbook photos were out of this world in 2018, and Scott is still trying to get rid of that Pesky critter he was chased by at the North Face Endurance race.

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It was a sad day in July, when Sam announced his retirement from leadership. For those who didn’t know, Sam and his brothers started the Worcester tribe back in 2015, and without them – we might not be here. Well WE would be here, but NP Woo probably wouldn’t be.

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POW WOW! Worcester had it’s third installment, and we ran around the city and appreciated all of it, or at least what we could find. BUT THIS ONE, how appropriate. I think this is one a lot of us look forward to every year.

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NP WOO Turned THREE!!! and man, this group made a flawless three.

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We had our very first week long workout called the WooSeries, and not only was it the beginning of the cold weather, but it was DURING THE WORLD SERIES so we were literally running on NO SLEEP. But whatever, the Red Sox won, and so didn’t all of you! CRUSHED IT.

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In November, we thought it seemed like a great time to bring on our third leader, Jim Athy. We also knew at this time Ivan would be leaving soon but we kept that hush for a couple weeks. We wanted Jim to get comfortable, but we think he’s a natural, don’t you?

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Then, inevitably – Ivan lead his last bounce. It was epic, and we will miss him. We wish him all the best in his next chapter, and he knows Home is where the Woo is.

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And we closed out with the last workout of 2018 on the iciest morning. A few brave souls made it out for a very memorable game of musical abs. It really wasn’t any fun as you can see.

Few other fun non Wednesday/Friday events-

SUMMIT6 in Milwaukee. Keep your eyes open for 2019 Summit details and really consider it. It is so incredible to get all of the tribes from all over together in ONE place for a weekend of racing, workouts, and FUN.

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We had our Dooster Film Party where Jim became famous for his song about the Buffs. Are they orange or are they red? Put this up there with the Laurel/Yanny Debate. Thanks Warren for getting us use of St. Johns for a wonderful evening!

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Remember that time Ralph went to race his 7th Continent Stage race (The Big Red Run) , and casually won the whole thing? No big deal.

We could post a million more things. It really has been an eventful year. As you can see here, this group goes far beyond free fitness. We are a big family.

Keep recruiting, and keep showing up. This shit is good, you guys.

“Small acts,

When Multiplied by millions of people 49 cities,

Can Will transform the world.”

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