Maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more (ORL)

Twas the morning after Christmas, and a group of hardcore humans gathered before the sun had risen to get in one more 2018 workout with some of the coolest people in town. We took in the crisp, cool Boxing Day air as we warmed up with a little kickboxing action. We shuffled, jabbed and kicked our way right into the main workout. The 12 rounds we set out to accomplish proved to be a formidable challenge for the strongest in the group, while modifications allowed others to keep on their path to becoming the strongest.

There were husbands hoisteeing with wives, traverballers tuck jumping with locals, and even the whole Mazek family came out to squat and lunge together! Our morning concluded with an exciting game of Rock,Paper,Scissors-where Rosie cut Katie’s paper to emerge as the newest victor of NPORPS.

This holiday season has proven difficult for me, as I couldn’t quite seem to get my shit together this year (finally hanging a strand of lights on my tree on Christmas Eve.) I have felt like others in my life have needed my energy, and I have been happy to give it away. But, I know that every Wednesday morning my energy level is recharged with the kind, caring, kick ass people that meet me by the fountain at Lake Baldwin. Without you all, I’m certain that my Holidays would not be quite as merry. Enjoy all that’s left of 2018, and I look forward to so many amazing things to come with this group of amazing people (and dogs) in the New Year.

Love you all.



  • Have a wonderful end to 2018. Keep pushing forward, and working hard-there are wonderful things in store for you!
  • NP hw-it’s burpees this month, in case you’ve been trying to block that out. Finish 2018 strong! Find out how many to do, and all other fun social stuff here.
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