New Year, Who Dis? (PVD)

Last week, we asked our tribe to help us write this blog. We gave them two questions to answer. They could be anonymous or sign their name to it – whatever they wanted.

The two questions:

1) What was the best part of your 2018?
2) What are your resolutions and/or goals for 2019?

We had so many answers. And they are all amazing, inspirational, funny, and gave us some incredible insights into our tribe. It gives us the ability to know one another more thoroughly. And it gives us the chance to know not only what people’s goals are, but also to help them on their path to achieving them.

So, prepare to be amazed. To be proud. And to love your tribe, Providence.

Ann-Marie Alexander

Crushing the Sunrise 6k!

1) What was the best part of your 2018?
I’ve lost 70lbs and have finally learned to love myself.

2) What are your resolutions and/or goals for 2019?
To lose 100lbs and make a positive impact on everyone around me.

Does something smell like it’s burning?

Krysten Moore

1) The best part of this year has been finding this amazing tribe.  I didn’t know how much I needed it, and now I can’t really imagine my life without it.  From the first Wednesday I attended, I felt like I was part of something.  I felt, and still feel, that the tribe genuinely wants me there.  And sure other wonderful things have happened this year – a couple of vacations and such – but nothing compared to the NP feeling. 

2) My goal for 2019 is to continue the streak and crush a couple of 5ks! 

Sunrises and Positivity are a great combination

Alex Hirsch

1) The best part of my 2018 was actually getting over myself and going to my first (then PVD Project) workout.  I had been meeting Steve and Holly and assorted others involved for a few months at a separate run club, and every time  PVD Project or PR Day was mentioned, I just could not understand it – and you won’t either, until you just show up and experience it yourself. The camaraderie, the positivity, the fun, the bounce, the excitement for a new PR, pushing myself to new heights, the blog posts, the pictures, the goofy themed workouts and the tribe’s dedication to dressing up for holidays and celebrating, the feeling of belonging somewhere and that this group of people, who were once strangers, are all waking up at the same time Wednesday morning to go workout in the GREATEST city while everyone else is asleep; an ear to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, an enormous bear hug when you need it the most. 

2) I would love to get someone to come to their first NP PVD workout.  I would love to traverbal to other tribes this coming year (and not just to those in New England). I would love to commit to a half or full marathon, and if not, cheer on tribe members that are racing. My goal is to continue to show support and love for this grassroots movement.

Reaching for the stars

Cristina Lima

1) Looking at MY LIFE, age 41 and writing this e-mail at this second, April 2018 forward has been the BEST EVER!!! It took me 40 years to find TRUE LIFE and TRUE ME. I turned 41 on April 29th, and ever since then I’m the happiest SOUL around and have nothing to FEAR! I feel this way because of November Project PVD! I look at NP PVD as my SAVIOR and my tribe has been my inspiration in all I do every second of my day. I look forward to seeing my Tribe everyday and I am so grateful for being part of NP PVD.

As someone who has experienced Mental Health Disorders in her life and continue every single day to make sure I have control of me the whole being part of NPPVD is my everyday PEACE. I have been there, done that, and have never given up on ME, but I have taken weight and pressure off of myself because of my Tribe. I see things differently, and I truly am the happiest person in the world, and I will tell everyone its because of my connection to my Tribe.

November Project PVD has also opened me up to another amazing group of people and some are actually part of NP PVD and those people are my Family at Cyclebar PVD. I legitimately can say that NP PVD and CBPVD are my heart and oxygen every single day!!

I live my LIFE with TRUE HAPPINESS now and I know what happiness feels like because before any of this I really couldn’t explain to anyone what true happiness was. People have told me that I was always generous and kind, but now the HAPPINESS and POSITIVITY blows them away and they CRAVE it!! I tell them to join me and it’s the BEST medicine around. Sorry I have rambled on and on but I want to end with ….. NOVEMBER PROJECT PVD is “MY NATURAL HIGH” and I wouldn’t give it up for the WORLD.BEST THINGS IN 2018 ……. NPPVD has me living LIFE to the BEST that I can !!!! 🙂

2) Looking ahead at 2019, my number one GOAL is to continue to LOVE and HELP as many people as I can! I also want to experience tons more of amazing things with NP PVD Family. I want to get up every single day in 2019 and be able to FEEL true HAPPINESS and EXCITEMENT with my friends and families. I don’t need anything else. I just need my NP PVD family, my CB PVD Family, and my family; The rest just figures itself out. LOVE YOU ALL.

If you’re happy and you know it, run some stairs

Stacy Prisco

1) This year, what a year!  There have been so many changes and accomplishments this year.  It is so hard to place in words but here goes:  
I have watched family get married, graduate from high school, start college, move into their own apartments, promotions for their jobs, getting a job, driving a car,  getting their first car, and celebrate anniversaries.  
Myself, I feel like that book “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”, minus all those fluffy pink trees.  I have done so many new things.  I ran my first 10k, the Fierce Run (thanks to Lima for just signing me up and saying you are doing this the night before.)  Sometimes, those decisions are the best kind because we can’t get into our own heads and think about what we are doing.   But, I did it and while I did it was able to support Brian Heil to keep his daughter’s memory alive by supporting others. 

I ran a 5k almost everyday over the summer, just because I enjoyed it.  I took tennis lessons with Mom!  I took the time to realize how lucky I am to have her in my life, and to make sure she knows that too!  I took small trips with my husband and the kids throughout the year.  I went to Boston and ran Harvard stadium, I got a new tattoo (which I had put off for far too long!)  I hit 100 rides at Cyclebar, I laughed a lot, I went to a the Ed Sheeran concert (which was amazing!)  I got to see Green Bay vs New England game, (and yes! We won!)

My husband and I had date nights as often as I could! I played dodge-ball out-front of Providence Place Mall!   And did I mention that I laughed a lot?  I cried a few times but usually happy tears because who would have thought this year could get any more amazing and grateful for it all!  By far, I have hugged more people this year than my entire life!  

I would say the biggest thing I did this year was committing myself to the NP community.  It was a struggle to “just show up” when meeting new people was hard to do.  Steve somehow has that magical power to just pull you in.  I think the most memorable day when I began was the day Holly yelled “Double digits” , that day we hit 11 people.  Then I read the book about NP and what it was and the purpose and the movement.  I have to say I try to live by the movement.  Having better humans in the world is needed.  This year I know I have grown as a spouse, mother, and a friend.  I mean I have always been a kindhearted person, but letting others in or showing that has always been difficult.  The most rewarding is seeing others grow within the community.  To witness the power of the community.  To hear others say how thankful they are for the community,  it has changed their life.  Happiness is contagious and I think we have a real epidemic on our hands!

2) Next years goals I had already started to set.  First was to gear up for the cold weather days to endure the outdoors.  I want to complete my first half marathon, get to at least two NP’s in another state.  I’ve already signed up forthe Maine half in December.  The most important to goal is to continue to be the best human I can be, and to strive to make a difference.

Dapper AF

Jim Rizzo

1) 2018 was a great year all-around. I found my way to PVD Project, which became NP PVD. I ran the Newport 10 miler (the farthest I had run at that point). I greatly improved my 5k running pace. I ran a difficult 10k the morning after a beer festival (only my second 10k). I also had a whole bunch of non-fitness-related fun, like the always fantastic Newport Folk Festival. But the best weekend of the year just passed not that long ago and surrounded my biggest running accomplishment to date. I ran my first half marathon (now the farthest I’ve run) at the Millinocket Marathon and Half in single-digit temps. Not only did I do that, but my time was far better than I could have imagined. It was a weekend full of running-related festivities, including the How Was Your Run Today podcast Crankle 2k (which was more like a 1k, but tons of fun) and a 1k recovery run led by a Rhode Islander who does the So THIS is Fitness podcast. The weekend was amazing, not only because of the running accomplishments, but because of the community aspect of it all – 1500 runners converge on a small town in northern main to help the local economy that has been suffering since the largest employer shut its doors not all that long ago.

2) I’d like to continue improving my running capabilities and pace. The only specific goal I have is to break 30 minutes in a 5k. Besides that, I want to continue to improve my running capabilities and overall fitness. I’ve long been someone who would do something for a little while and then give up. I’m not the best runner. I’m not the best at running when it’s not a race or a weekend. I have Jill to thank for the motivation to run more. The #np_pvdrunstreak has been motivating as well. Running is the one thing I’ve been able to keep doing, even if I’m terrible at motivating myself to go for a run on my own (I say this as a former high school track kid). And I suppose I should add that I’ll be heading back to Millinocket next December to hopefully beat my time from this year (both the running time and the good times surrounding the big race).

Creating great habits at a young age

Kerri Day

1) What am I most proud of? I ran two half-marathons last year! I went from being happy to complete 5Ks in under forty-five minutes to running 13.1! In 2018, I was able to step out of my comfort zone. While I have no problem getting up in front of students and acting like a fool, I am very nervous and awkward around adults. I often avoid social gatherings. Joining November Project and running groups helped me face my fears.

Feeling like I have a grasp on what I call the “balance of sanity:” home, work, parenting, marriage, and self-care. Taking the time for myself makes me better equipped to tackle other aspects of life.

Getting Michael into running and fitness. I’m glad that he and I have “our thing” since I do not care for Pokemon or Minecraft. Also, as someone who has struggled with weight and body issues, I’m glad that Michael will value being healthy from a young age.

2) What are my goals for next year?

  1. PR at Providence Half-Marathon
  2. Actually attend a social event, not just the workouts
  3. Write more. It’s good for the soul.
Wait? There’s cameras?

Julie Rousseau

1) That I just showed up. Before I came to NP in May I was pretty set in a routine of solo training. In the last 3 months, it’s a complete 180. This community has given me just that…a community of like minded people who want to get up at absurd hours and push ourselves to be better.

2) Among all of the personal/family/works goals, I’m super excited to race MORE in 2019, but my BIG goal is helping my friends achieve theirs!

Wyatt Kloss

1) 2018 high points:
Uncle Mikes Wedding 
Acting in the Nutcracker 
Going to Urban Air for my birthday 


Best. List. Ever.
Starting on goals and crushing them together

Kate Kloss

1) For probably the roughest year of my life I’ve had a ton of high points, this was a great exercise in remembering how lucky we truly are. 
-Visiting Europe for the first time and practicing yoga with one of my favorite teachers for a week.
-Summiting each of the New England Highpoints and working up the nerve to go over Knife Edge on Katahdin 
-Hiking up Mt. Washington with my brother and his fiancée on their wedding day
-The daily learning and adventures with Wyatt and Kira, my two greatest teachers
-Staying strong and healthy 

2019 GOALS for daaaayssss:

Running better than the government

Sara Schuwolf

1) Best part(s) of 2018: -taking (and being done with!) the MCAT; joining NP PVD, aka meeting my second family <3; completing my 2nd half marathon 

2) Goals for 2019: Run 3rd half marathon and break 2 hrs!; do successful push-up and/or pull up; apply to med school; do something positive; improve my Spanish; bring more friends to NP…AND

Get Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza and/or other elected officials to come to November Project!

Always choose the wrench

Victor McKenna –

1) There are so many exciting things to write about 2018.  I was able to complete by 1oth Marathon! I was able to run the Philadelphia Half on Saturday, and the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday.

I found two of my happy places in the Lululemon Garden City Run Club (#lulugcrc) and #NP_PVD, and found my tribe. I crushed goals:
– Sub 2 hour half marathon
– Sub 5 hour marathon

2) Run more, run more, run more and to spread positivity. But, my 
Biggest Goal of the Year: BQ in the Providence Marathon

Skipping > running

Heidi Martini –

1) I think a few of my favorite memories of 2018 – going to my first NP workout & meeting some nice people. A few others were completing the Cowtown 50k, being an Achilles Guide for the New York City Marathon, and 13 days later running the NYC 60k (especially since I spent half the summer injured) 

2) My goal for 2019 is to do a Sprint Tri, a Duathlon and a 50 mile Ultra. And to get back into weight lifting! 

Abs of steel!

Allison Johnson

1) Twenty eighteen is coming to an end,
But not without taking time to be grateful for at least one new friend;
We went from a pledge status to a full fledged November Project Tribe,
And we braved cold, sleet, heat and rain too awful to describe;
We learned about weatherproof, just show up, embrace something new,
And that there is always a friend for a run or coffee as our group grew and grew. 
So what was the best thing about 2018?
It is knowing that for NP PVD more greatness remains to be seen;
We will try new challenges together and continue to follow our dreams,
Lives have been changed for the better but our work is just starting it seems!

2) Goals for 2019- the obvious get faster, but to also work more on giving back,  as I think that NP PVD has a lot to give, whether it is within our own ranks or to the community. And to be better at learning names!

Stronger and stronger, one stair at a time

Jill Parrett

1) It’s so hard to pick one favorite part about this year. I’m in such a good place mentally and physically. I don’t want to seem like I’m overstating NP’s importance in that – but I absolutely know this group has played a part!

I haven’t had a lot of self-confidence throughout my life, something that has held me back in social situations and kept me from putting myself out there. I’ve also been afraid to fail in fitness – I’ve started and stopped activities because I’ve felt out of place or scared of people judging my (lack of) ability.

Somehow, I’ve found the perfect group of people to help me along in both ways! I’ve never felt so supported in a group – the way we cheer each other on is beautiful. And all these inspiring people make me want to continue making fitness part of my life for the long haul. 

2) In 2019, I want to just keep showing up and getting stronger. I’m a better partner, parent, and person being part of November Project Providence. I’m awkward AF and slow and weird – but I’ve made actual friends!! I’m proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished. 🙂 And super grateful. 

Santa’s favorite elf

Karen Holland  

1) Lots of rad shit in happened 2018, but I’d have to say being part of NP PVD was my favorite! I got out of my comfort zone and hugged strangers at zero dark thirty and met some seriously amazing folks. Those strangers and amazing folks pushed me to do new things I never would have, and I’m pretty sure my quads are stronger after All. Those. Stairs. #blessed

2) Hmmmmm. Gotta get my knee back in top shape (for an old lady)….if that happens….my biggest/loftiest  goal of 2019 is doing an Ultra (holy shit, did I just put that down in writing???) But in all seriousness, the Anchor Down Ultra is on my radar. 

I am also hoping to do Marine Corps Marathon and The North Face Endurance Challenge Series again….my 2 faves from 2018. Of course I want to keep coming Wednesday mornings, doing some smaller races, and hanging out with cool people who do rad shit. 

But if none of the above is possible, I simply want to be the best version of me. I’m finding that by surrounding myself with the positive, inclusive folks of NP, this is absolutely possible

Crushing goals and creating smiles every day.

Maria MacLellan

1) It was incredible to be a witness to our tribe leader’s proposal in the rain overlooking vistas of Providence on the last day of Hell Week. Yoga in The Temple to Music in the wee hours of insanity was so peaceful. And definitely one of the best parts of 2018 was being part of a group that gives and gives, from the leaders to the tribe members.

2) In 2019, I’d like to be able to improve my hoistie to the Cristina Lima standard, but I’ll still be happy to do the Nicole D modification. I want to translate my 5:27am efforts into strong performances on race days. A 5:27 marathon would be sweet for me.

Overcoming fears (despite injuries!)

Keri Blais

1) For me, the best part of my 2018 was conquering a major fear of mine…bridges. I flew across the country on my first trip to the West Coast, and ran across the Bridge of the Gods, which connects Washington to Cascade Lock, Oregon.

2) My main goals for 2019 are running related. I hope to accomplish a PR on each road race distance.

Building family

Adam Teper 

1) For me, the best part of 2018 was being introduced to the PVD Project. When 2018 started, I was in a really bad way – my physical health was at an all-time low, and having been through some really bad things in my personal life, and my mental health and stability were collapsing. 

This group, and Steve and Holly in particular, took me in and immediately pushed me to be better.  I was treated like a life-long friend they’ve known forever and pushed without any judgment.  I don’t know where’d I’d be right now at the end of 2018 if I hadn’t been thrown into this group. But I can say that I probably wouldn’t be in a good way.  For me, the best part of 2018 was becoming part of a family.

2) For 2019, my goal is to continue strong, run more races, up my endurance and paces, etc… to continue to get myself into better shape and then give back what was given to me to someone else who might need a positive push! I want to continue to prove to myself, I CAN DO THIS.

Intentional and authentic = Ronke

Aderonke Boosie

1) The best part of 2018 was the birth of my second niece, the day before running my first marathon. It was such great and beautiful news in itself and having that coupled with an exhilarating weekend of running 26.2 miles for the first time was an immensely monumental time in my life.

2) Goals: Be intentionally and authentically selfless. Lessen the clutter in my life—get rid of excess stuff! Run more races but also branch out more consistently to other sports and activities, such as yoga and rock climbing. Learn Python, the programming language. Enroll in pharmacy school close to a NP chapter! 🙂

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Michaela McCaughey

1) I ran a 10 mile race, my longest yet (NP PVD made that happen. And cheered me on during the race. And Holly even ran the last mile with me!) I have an amazing support system to celebrate the good, and make the not good easier, stepping out of comfort zone professionally and personally

2) resolution and/or goals for 2019
-run first half marathon (and train for it! and be proud of the results!)
-learn to sleep better
-send 3 letters a week

I’ve been thinking a lot about #justshowup. It’s such a powerful concept that I’m working on bringing to life in lots of areas. So… thank you both. Seriously. 

Rain doesn’t stop true love

Jack Pettine

1) My best part of 2018 was when Holly Bubier said YES to marrying me.

2) In 2019, I want to get a full time job in a school, and finally have time to go to more run clubs. And learn more pop culture.

Game Face

Steven Blais

1) The best part of my 2018 was getting to see the growth of this community. Starting out last January, having just a few people I’ve known for years join me running up and down some stairs was amazing.

But seeing how it grew, and grew, and grew, and keeps growing; seeing how many people have been positively affected by this movement in just the few short months since we have started has given me so much hope that together, we can change the world. And we’ve only just begun.

2) In 2019, we’re going to hit 200 people at a workout. And then 300. And so on, and so on, and so on. I want to keep evolving as a human, becoming more comfortable sharing of myself. I’m not so good at that. Also, I think I’m going to run 3 marathons in like 5 weeks. YOLO.

Leadership and laughter and complete authenticity

Holly Bubier

1) The best part of my 2018 was the growth of my family. Yes, we all witness the epic surprise engagement. I am so blessed, lucky, and grateful to have and to love this genuine and kind man!

But this is directly followed by the tremendous, loyal, and fantastically fun tribe, that thanks to 2018 I get to call my own!!

2) In 2019, I want to keep the values I hold true at the forefront – family, wellness, and community! I want to minimize the clutter that prevents me from enjoying the things I value. Oh, and PRs and Negative Splits!!!

That’s a wrap on our 2018.

Did you miss the deadline on sending in your highlights and goals? Add them to the comments! We want to hear from each and every person in the tribe.

You make this community what it is. Your goals are our goals, and together we’re going to achieve the shit out of them. We love you lots, and cannot wait to start 2019 together.


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One Reply to “New Year, Who Dis? (PVD)”

  1. Unfortunately missed the deadline to submit, but wanted to share my thoughts after reading this!
    Best parts of 2018: graduating med school, running the Boston marathon, moving to Providence to start EM residency. Having moved to PVD without knowing many people, I have loved finding a welcoming fitness community in PVD through NP!

    Goals for 2019: Continue to stay balanced w/ regarding to residency by showing up as often as I can to NP. Also hope to make it to some Newport work outs, hope to PR in a half, continue to do more yoga, and challenge myself with other fitness activities in the spring (bike/swim…possible a triathlon?)

    Happy New Years and a specific thanks to Steve and Holly for leading such a welcoming tribe!

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