Someone from my swimming life sent me a message this last week. They live in Toronto and they asked me a series of questions: What is the November Project? Where do I have to go to? And then he asked me a very weird question “How much does it cost?”

I guess he didn’t see all the hashtags #free, #freefitness, #freehugs, #freehigh5s, #justshowup #itsfree.

How do you get paid? he asked, How do you make money?

This was my reply.

We do it for the #payday which is when you show up and we learn about what this means to the people that are there.

He didn’t get it. “haha, K . How does the project make money?”

“It’s the worlds biggest grass roots free fitness movement… no money ever. period. it is about you being healthy in the most amazing environment ever.”

Basically, I said, I get paid in emotional currency. The cool moment when the kid that does not make it to school on time at 9 shows up at 6:28 to workout. The person that 12 weeks into workout comes up to me and says “Dude I feel amazing, I have lost 20lbs and stopped smoking because of this”. Or the girl that writes on her Facespace that she had to leave workout quickly after receiving our #PositivityAward because she was crying and didn’t want us to see that.

Here is her brief story:
“Hey, Feeling all the feels. Feels from being a cancer survivor/thriver in the last 5 years- the day I was diagnosed i literally thought next day was my last. Since going through some nasty SH@T treatment that brings you down physically and emotionally its pretty cool to look back after receiving this award and know that I now spend every Wed with a motivated and positive group who may or may not know about me outside Wed mornings. The YVR NP crew and everyone who shows up each and every week brings so much positive energy to me with all the hugs, high fives, F*ck ya’s and encouragement to push my limits. Aside from being a bit of a crier it really means a lot to me that I’m here and get to work it with the NP crew.”

We are happy that she is here too and the world would be a way worse place without her.


Mr. November


This weeks Heard at NP:

“I can’t believe I’m asking this, but Graham, can you speak up?”
“I’m going to be an uncool dad right now”
“Anything can happen in the dark…” “I’m too married for this!”
“You’re not making the band with those pushups!” ” I DON’T CARE!”
“We’re going to do Sebastians…” “EEEK!”
“The workout seemed shorter today” “That’s because it was in the dark – if you don’t see it, it didn’t happen”
“Left and right are hard this early!”
“Your presence has been requested again on Monday – VOTE” **mic drop**



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