War of the Pennies

When your morning starts like this:


You really can’t complain.

The morning began as a chilly circle of strangers that were grouped too close together trying to link arms and warm their hands with their mouths at the same time. Warming hands turned into a group beat-box effort finishing off with a bounce. Tribe members partnered up and set off on a warm up around the block and to the top of Gold Metal Hill.

Which looks like this:


As the sun wakes up to greet us.

The workout this morning consisted of two teams, 200 pennies, two hats, and a lot of sh*t-talking. 200 pennies were placed on the top of Gold Metal Hill and one of each of the hats was placed on opposite sides at the bottom. Teams shark hat and rasta hat started on their respective sides next to their mascot (hats) and when the cowbell sounded, each team member sprinted to the top, grabbed a penny and ran back down to deposit it in their team’s hat.

So..200 pennies doesn’t last all that long with a whole November Project Tribe repeatedly snagging them from the top of the hill. Not too long after the start of the workout, the bank (top of the hill) ran out of pennies and like the good citizens they are, each and every tribe member began to run up and over the hill to the other team’s hat to steal their wealth–one penny at a time. In order to deposit a stolen penny into your own team’s hat, tribe members had to deposit one burpee to the burpee bank of NP at the top of the hill before descending to their team’s side. This continued for 27ish minutes. Referee Rachel White determine a winner thereafter (rasta hat) and, because we are all winners, the entire tribe traveled down to the bottom of one side of the hill and sprinted two Messenger-style burn-out sprints up and over the hill and to the bottom of the other side.


Sweaty hugs were given and the group gathered to watch the sunrise and take a quick photo. This week’s postivity award winner is Henry Croll, 2nd place finisher in “The Hammer Race” held in southern Minnesota.” Yeah Henry! Today’s lumberjack was Katie Babb. Way to go Katie!


If you didn’t know already, Fridays are a thing here. They happen at the same time (6:27am) at the UMN Boathouse stairs. Get there!

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