Big Boy Pants (YEG)

Today, we had to put on our big boy pants. Or if you’re me, you pretended they were big boy pants. November Project is growing up and now we have to take some things (not just the group photo) seriously. We finally are at a point where we need to fill out waivers. Normally, we would spend hours and hours stressing about whether people would actually fill out the waiver. Are we still grassroots? Is the new hashtag #justshowupandsignthewaiver? How am I supposed to keep my tweets to 140 characters now? There was a lot of unknown this morning and we managed to prove to Jen that we can fill out waivers in less than 3 minutes. That Jen is full of doubt. 
You’re probably wondering which tribe ruined it for everyone. Which tribe was more reckless? Who said Safety Fourth? The true story is that no one ruined it. But we are one fall away from all of this just disappearing, including the roofs above our heads. With 26 cities now, it’s time we started doing thing properly. Since that story isn’t that interesting, we are just gonna say that Calgary is the reason for this. 
Dates to remember: 

Better than Bedtime – Sunday November 8. Afternoon. Stat available. Stay free. Stay real. Stay strong. 

This Friday: Hills at Walterdale hill where we run up the hill and then down the hill. It will be a hill of a time. 

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