Partner Log Rolls? (YEG)

You never know exactly what the tribe will think when you demo exercises for partner day especially when there’s a new one that involves a partner log roll along.

Ultimately I guess we don’t really care what they think because even if they think we’re crazy (which we often think we are anyway) they all do it. Partner-Exercise-Mondays involved quite a bit of body contact and for some this could be an uncomfortable situation but from the laughter that resounded in the park we think you all handled it very well.

Hoisty-Js, Log-Roll-Push-Ups, Back-2-Back-Wall-Sit-Tricep-Dips, Bojans, Plank-Pulls, High-10-Sit-Ups, Chest-Pump-Burpees & Leg-Circles all by an abandoned pool…Yup, that was our morning & I think it was pretty much the best way to start a Monday! Thanks to the tribe for trusting us and trying all of these crazy things!!

JRD_0054 JRD_0001

See you all Wednesday as we tackle Commonwealth Stairs! Drop your verbal here.

Until next time, SMILE!  J


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