Wake up the SUNasana (VB)

4.22.2015 This morning was epic. Sunrise NP Yoga was a nice little change of pace – Thank you Amy & Connie!


We are still getting new members, good. Welcome Alexa 🙂 #recruiteveryone

Also, let’s recap the epic weekend at the North Face Endurance Challenge DC – November Project Showed up in a big way with another relay #podiumsweep. Also Virginia Beach is getting noticed.

Pictured below. NP_Bal looking fleek af.


Then onto the Boston Marathon. #MarathonSummit (Kinda) There were so many NPers from all over this 19 city Movement. The racing, the love, the support, and most importantly the PEOPLE were amazing. One thing I will say about November Project is the People. Good People. Ones you are happy to call friends and family. The kind of people you invite to Thanksgiving, Weddings, and Concerts. They know how to race and they know how to have a good time.

Until next time #NewsCh19. You can find this tribe growing in Va Beach and building a strong community of Free Fitness.


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