Mad Mad Monday

Mondays are known for being a little wacky, sometimes weird, and occasionally just madness and fun.  This morning was a little wacky, weird, moments were awkward (see the group intersection of bear crawls as we tried to meet and cross the middle of a giant circle), and then it was madness as we brought some parkour to our Destination Deck. The tribe raced in pairs, leaping up and down on a series of 15″ high [censored] (see the pictures) lining Boston Common on Tremont St.  More bear crawls back to the line.  And the finisher was a beautiful, madness-inducing 5 minutes of what? your favorite and mine…BURPEES! (Record your 5 minute score!)  There were echoes of burpee numbers being called out loud, sometimes the traditional 10…20…30, and others focused on the THREE … ELEVEN and other random numbers that reminded us we are in fact having fun while we get our asses kicked by burpees, or as we kick burpees’ asses.  Do burpees have asses?  I don’t know where that is going but what we know is this: The tribe is strong.  The tribe is growing.  Every Monday is worth showing up for because of the following really good reasons to #JustShowUp

1) you never know what you’re going to get and you can be sure that the day you decide to sleep instead, you’re gonna regret not being there. (This is the “Forrest Gump” Rule.  NP, like life, is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re gonna get.)

2) This city is our playground.  The more Mondays you come to, the more you get to explore our amazing world.  You learn little parks/parking lots/open areas you never really noticed before, you start to know the side streets you take to get to them, and eventually you intimately know the nooks and crannies of this place we call home because you hugged there, you sweat there, (you may have even bled there…but don’t tell HR Karl), and you made memories there.

*3) There are no good reasons to NOT show up.  It’s free (we all want to save some cash).  It’s fitness (we all want to enjoy our health). It’s community (“all we need is love, love, love” and your friends are all doing it.  Well they should be.  If they’re not you had better recruit them so all your friends are doing it.  *See Rule #3, there are no good reasons to NOT show up). It’s badass (who else gets up so early in the morning to start a Monday with mad, mad shit in public places and goes home dirty, sweaty, and inspired?). And once you’ve been there, you know it’s the place you want to be every Monday, with all it’s wacky, weird awesomeness.

Rest up for Wednesday, we hope you get your ass out of bed to race with the big kids in the stadium.  It’s the Last Wednesday of the Month and it’s gonna be HUGE.  Huger than huge.  Really, really big.  And super cool.  We will race until we puke and we will see what we’re made of.  And if what I just said scares you…then GOOD.  Do the shit that scares you and embrace fear to drive you toward being faster, stronger, and more impressive as an athlete than you thought you could be.  There are rumors that we will see and NEW STADIUM RECORD on Wed morning, and that is a long time in coming.  Will you be there to see it happen?  Will you be there to make it happen?  Will you be there to set your own records?  Go ahead, I dare you.  You won’t regret it.  #NoExcuses #EastCoastBeastCoast #PRday

Have a great day.

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